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What Are The Different Types Of Electricians?

We have a basic idea on who an electrician is. However, most of the time we lack the idea that there are multiple types of electricians available. The fact is that there are many tons of different types of electricians. Some specialize in residential work, while others focus on commercial buildings, industrial sites, etc. If you want to learn more about different types of electricians and expert electrician service, read on.

Apprentice Electrician

People who aspire to be an electrician, they have multiple ways using which they could enter the career. One possibility revolves around the decision to obtain an associate degree in electrical engineering. These programs are offered at all commercial and technical institutions throughout the country and usually take approximately two years to complete. But there are other options.


Remember that electricians do not need any formal training to be able to work in this domain, although they require a few instructions. Also, these four-year training programs allow students to start working immediately as an assistant electrician.

Journeyman Electrician

Journeyman electricians are licensed. But to get them, they need to appear for a test. The test happens post completion of the apprentice program. Once they clear the test, the get the license. The biggest requirement of the license is that when they have one, it implies that they can work on their own without necessary supervision. They work in a very safe manner.


Master Electrician

The chief electrician is the person who has obtained the highest possible electrical certification. These individuals, including women, are qualified to work on complex projects and can manage travel electricity. While requirements vary from state to state, a chief electrician is usually required to complete more than 4,000 hours as a traveling electrician and pass a licensed examination.

Different Types Of Electricians Based On Their Work

The expert services that you get have multiple segments. Not all the electricians are same. Therefore, you must know about them before hiring the expert electrician service.


Outside Lineman

They are responsible forensuring that power cables work properly and that electricity is well distributed from generation facilities to end users. These electricity suppliers operate in the industrial, commercial and residential markets. A high voltage power line man can work on a high voltage power line that is hundreds of feet above the ground. This is one of the most physical places an electrician can work. The external lineman expert electrician service provider must undergo a lot of training, such as climbing up and ongoing high-rescue training if the employee is injured at work.

Inside Wireman

These electricians are primarily responsible for electrical wiring and wiring. This means that they are responsible for connecting the client’s electrical appliances to the power supply. These expert electrician service suppliers regularly help with the installation of wiring, lighting and electrical outlets. They may be required to inspect and maintain electric motors and equipment or to install alarm systems or electrical control panels. They can repair, maintain and inspect systems existing within the facility.

Installation Technician

They work with internal wiremen when installing a network with low-voltage cables used for video, voice, or some data outlet. Many of them constantly work under less favorable conditions. For example, they should report buildings that do not yet have air conditioning or heating.

Residential Wireman

A Residential Wireman, like the inside wireman, is responsible for connecting the client’s electrical equipment to the power supply. They work on the maintenance of electrical systems in the house or carry out other types of residential installations.

The expert electrician service agent must keep pace with technical progress in the housing and install lighting and lighting fixtures throughout the house.


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