All That You Need To Know About Dry Eyes Treatment

Dry eye is becoming a common ailment amongst many for the modern lifestyle and using the colour gadgets for most of the times in a day. It is a condition when the eye is unable to produce enough moisture to form tears. However, the good news is that it is curable. If you are wondering how to get quick relief from this problem, then keep on reading the following part. Before we talk about dry eyes treatment it is important to know about the ailment.

Dry Eyes Treatment
Dry Eyes Treatment

What is a dry eye?

It is important to understand that our eyes need enough moisture to keep the vital parts of the eyes healthy and diluted. Dry eye is a condition when our eyes lose the ability to produce adequate water for themselves in the form of tears to wash the eyes and keep it healthy.

Symptoms of dry eye:

Here are a couple of common symptoms of dry eye that are widely witnessed amongst the affected.

  • One feels uncomfortable at times even pain while wearing contact lenses.
  • The eyes feel dry, red and itchy.
  • An irritation is felt in the eyes when near the wind or smoke
  • There is mucus around the eye area
  • A constant scratchy feeling in the eyes.
  • The eyes have a burning sensation
  • The eyes seem to feel stinging all day long.
  • The eyes suddenly have loads of tears in them.

Common causes of dry eye: 

These are a few common causes that trigger this condition

  • Hormonal changes in body
  • Women face it a lot after menopause
  • Ailments like thyroid, arthritis and lupus.
  • Excessive use of contact lenses
  • Lifestyle ailments
  • Sleeping pills
  • And so on.

So, now that we know all about the ailment let’s move on with the good part that’s dry eyes treatment.

Dry Eyes Treatment
Dry Eyes Treatment

Research has shown that treatments of dry eyes are not very complicated and can be successful completely. Here are some ways that are chosen by the doctors according to the condition of the patient.

Artificial Tears: This is one of the most common dry eyes treatment suggested to the patients suffering from lifestyle ailments. The present generation spending a lot of time in a day in front of the laptop and smartphone and as a result, they suffer from this ailment. This is when the doctors recommend artificial tears being introduced within the eye with the help of eye drops. The drops act as a lubricant and over a passage of time aids in curing the condition completely.

Steroid Eye drops: This treatment is generally suggested for a slightly acute case where apart from the over the counter eye drops the patients are instructed to apply steroid eye drops. This dry eye treatment is mainly prescribed in those cases where the affected also feels inflammation in the eyes. These steroid eye drops are needed to be applied for a short period to cure the eye completely.

Punctal Plugs: There might be a scenario where the affected is unable to hold on or retain the water on the surface of the eyes. This is when the dry eyes treatment involves punctual plugs. In this case, small sterile devices are inserted inside the punctual area of the eyes. The punctual is basically a small opening in the tear ducts that are located in both lids. Once, the devices are inserted in the eyes, can retain moisture on their surface for a much longer time.

The above are a few common dry eyes treatment. But you should visit the eye specialist if you feel any such problem to get the best treatment.

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