5 Different Ways To Make Use Of Cow Hides

Once the cow is killed, the skin is removed, and it is divided into categories in the first moment of its selection while being salted. Organization by size and color takes place. In the process, the cowhide is taken to the tannery (a place where cowhide is turned into leather), where various processes are applied so that the cowhide is made in a way that will last longer. Then the drying process takes place and here they are categorized into various types. The best is separated from the rest, the ones that are damaged are used for other purposes while the ones in their top form are used for better purposes.

Here Are Some Ways In Which Cow Hides Can Be Put To Good Use:

Cow Rugs
Cow Rugs

Cow Hides Rug

In the process of breeding cows for meat and milk, the cows are raised and then on their last day on earth the cows are killed for meat. Technically, the skin of the cow would go to waste but due to the ability of human hands to do miracles, this thing is turned in rugs which are used by people all over America, Africa, and Europe. First, the skin of the animal is categorized and only the good ones are used for making rugs. The fact is thrown out, it is dried for a couple of days, and then it is ready to be shipped after applying some last finishing touches.

Cow Hides Designer Walls

Cowhides can be one of the ways to design your walls, it would not only make the living area more artistic but it would also make the visitors and guests compliment you about the way you have chosen to decorate your house. The process to hang the hide is quite easy:

  • Choose the area of the wall to hang it.
  • Gather necessary supplies, that is, nails, ladder, hammer, and other tools.
  • Position it in front of the wall.
  • Begin nailing it from the topmost center.
  • Take your time and make it stick to the wall.

Cow Hides Dress

Cow Rugs
Cow Rugs

Cowhides are used to make dresses and are quite the trend these days. The production of these clothes takes place in a different way and they are of high quality. On wearing this dress, the wearer does not feel any discomfort as the skin and unneeded things will have already been expelled out by the time it reaches the shops and online store shelves. Cowhide dresses can be found for women, men and literally for anyone. Man has found a way of utilizing a product that would otherwise go to waste. Women’s dresses are available from a range of $50.

Cow Hides Bag

Many designers have taken off on a journey to create some amazing designer bags. Handbags and purses, school bags and other types of bags can be created using the cowhide and they are quite popular actually. Many of the people carry these types of bags as they are fashionable and most comfortable to carry with its soft surface.

Cow Hides Accessories

Cowhide is a popular thing these days and many sorts of accessories can be made from it. Pillows, placemats, coasters, table runners, and Christmas stockings to name a few would be listed in the accessories that can be used in houses. They are not that expensive and make good use of cowhide.

These are the five products that one could make from cow hides and use them sustainably. Both fashionable and durable, cowhides are a good choice for many products.

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