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Attractive Pier Caps and Coping Stones

For a house to look good, its interiors and exteriors must be equally attractive. Doing up the interiors of the house are easy because there are so many options. But for the exterior, there are fewer design and decorative options. The exterior of the house includes the gate, side walls, and gardens etc. The front gate and side walls look more attractive when decorated with pier caps and coping stones. These decorative options can help your house get the perfect exterior.

Pier caps are decorative stones installed on the pillars of the main gate of the house. Pier caps not only add to the look of the gate but also provide protection to the gate pillars. Pier caps are available in various types of designs and colors and are suitable for all gate pillars. They are manufactured from stones, concrete or metal- materials which are strong enough to withstand for a long time period.

Precise and perfect finishing is provided to these caps while manufacturing them, to give them an exclusive look. They protect the gate pier from harsh weather conditions by further extending the life of the gate pillars.

Pier Caps
Pier Caps

Pier caps are categorized according to their shape, design, and size. The most common design of pier cap is the standard square which is generally used for small gate pillars. The other type includes pier caps which are curved at the bottom and edged at the top.

Pier caps with a ball at the top are better in appearance and also offer more protection. Multilayer pier caps are also a good option to choose from. Decorative pier caps with creative designs add more beauty and enhance the visual appearance of the main gate of a house.

Coping stones are designed stones used for covering the side walls or bridges. Coping stones also work as a protective layer for the wall and remove the rainwater from the wall. They cover the upper side of the wall. They are used to cover balustrading too.

Coping stones are flat-shaped, wedged and curved They as well are mostly made from stones, but some varieties are made from ceramic, wood or metal. Coping stones are made thick and slightly wider than the wall to ensure better protection. Rainwater does not penetrate into the wall when coping stones are installed on them. They also provide that perfect finishing look to the side walls of a house.

Pier Caps
Pier Caps

There are different types of coping stones, based on their shape and size. Saddled coping stones are curved on both the sides allowing all the rainwater to fall on the side. These stones are generally installed on garden walls and deliver the perfect look to the wall. Wedged coping stones have a slant on one side allowing rainwater to flow on one side.

Rainwater can also be directed to the gutter below the wall through the use of wedged coping stones. Flat coping stones are mostly used for main walls or on the roofs of a house. These stones are more for visual appeal than to provide from the weather but can be used for both purposes. Embellishments inspired from modern and traditional architecture are used to make decorative coping stones which are more attractive to look at.

Pier caps and coping stones are the perfect makeup for your house as they improve the overall look of the exteriors and protect the walls from the weather. They are economical to install as well.

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