Things You Should Know About Car Transmission

If your body is brought to life by your soul, then the thing that gives life to your car is the transmission system. Transmission keeps the vehicle moving and keeps it under the control of a driver. Car transmission works just like the chains of a bicycle. If the chain goes off or haywire, then the bicycle will just fail to work. Similarly, the transmission system of a car keeps it functional and hence, you must put extra attention into its functioning. Even a little bit of malfunction can open the door to an impending disaster.

How does a transmission system work?

Car Transmission Repair
Car Transmission Repair

A car transmission system controls the amount of power that goes into the wheels. This helps in keeping the car at the desired speed. The acceleration and deceleration of a vehicle have car transmission system, working behind it. The transmission system is primarily of two types-manual and automatic. Clutch in the transmission system helps to maintain sync between the engine flywheel and the wheels. The two shafts connected to the clutch, get locked and thus, spin at the exactly the same speed. This is how your car keeps running without any hassles.

Working with a Manual Transmission System

Manual car transmission system is simply a bicycle’s gear shifter with much greater power. The transmission system and the engine have to be sometimes disconnected, in the same manner, as a bicycle has its chain lifting off when gears are shifted up or down. When a clutch is pushed, the engine and the transmission system are disconnected. And when the gear of a car is shifted, the transmission system is at work. Once the new gear is in operation, the clutch can be released.

Working on an Automatic Transmission System

The automatic transmission is just an automated gear shifter. You do not need to worry about the shifting of gears and the manual transmission system. You must have come across situations where you must have heard a car making a loud noise when it starts, but the sound slows down as the car accelerates. Cars usually struggle when they are pushed to higher speeds. But, the torque converter senses these kinds of changes and shifts to higher gears, when the acceleration is pressed. When cars slow down, the gears are changed to lower ones. This removes the stress of handling the car transmission all by oneself.

Transmission Fluid

Car Transmission Repair
Car Transmission Repair

Transmission fluid must be checked to keep the engine running in some cars and even for shutting down in others. This can vary with models and you need to check the manual of your car for the same.

How to check Transmission Fluid?

  • Open the hood of the car and take the fluid dipstick in your hands.
  • The dipstick must be covered in transmission fluid when it is removed. The fluid must go up to the indicator mark on the dipstick.
  • Wipe off the dipstick, put it back and pull it out again. If you see the dipstick covered in fluid, then it is going well for you.

You must keep a note as to when to get the fluid replaced. Some car owners recommend getting it checked after every 30,000 miles, whereas, there are others who recommend getting it checked after every 100,000 miles. Regular maintenance is required to keep the car transmission healthy and productive.

Take utmost care of the car transmission system and see how smoothly your car can operate. In case, you ever find any trouble with the same, get it serviced at the earliest and enjoy the happy ride in your car.


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