Facts on Manufacturing and Use of Custom Plastics

The use of custom plastics can be seen across different industries and for varied purposes. There has been an extensive use and manufacturing of custom plastics and there are several plastic manufacturing industries that have come up in the past 80 years. The most significant reason for such extensive use of plastic is its flexible property. Such extensive use has created different individual industries to use plastic resin as a material. There are even a few plastic fabricators that use the existing plastic material to make custom projects or hand crafted moldings. These projects include custom reception desks, large cases, and POS racks.

Custom Plastics
Custom Plastics

The Manufacturing Process

A custom plastics manufacturer assists in the complex designing process of a plastic product. After the designing is completed, the following process is followed:

  • Setting up of the required machinery and tools
  • Putting the plastic material in the high-speed molds
  • Setting the label and making it ready for use.

Most companies give a completely different shape and design to a similar product; say a plastic bottle, to stand out from the existing competition. For this purpose, even new molds may be designed. These tools are then added to a huge blow mold machinery to give the required shape to the containers. All this requires a specific set of skills, though the manufacturing process is more or less the same.

Caring for the Parts

There are a few products made from custom plastics that come in different parts. Each part should fit precisely with the other parts and should compliment to make the final product. In such situations, tools for each of these parts must be made to the precise specifications before it is run on the suitable molding machine.

Similarly, the molding machinery also plays a very significant role in the manufacturing process. Few small companies even rent it while, others may buy it according to the production volume and requirements. Apart from the quantities required, the finance situations and space requirement is also considered to make the purchase more economical.

Post Production Functions

A lot of post production functions are involved in the manufacturing of products using custom plastics. These functions include:

  • Packaging of material
  • Decoration and light assembly
  • Coordinating with special services

Flexibility is the key for any custom plastic manufacturer as that helps in getting the project done in an extremely complex combination of design, machine selection, tool, volume estimation, and resin selection.

Custom Plastic
Custom Plastic

Advantages of Custom Plastic

Apart from the properties of the resin, there are various advantages of using custom plastics. Plastics are often considered, approximately, on a par with metals, in terms of cost per weight. Apart from that, plastics are usually less expensive by volume which is a significant reason for its extensive use. All that is required is to determine the strength of the plastic according to the product and its usage, so that its cost and effectiveness is justified.

Uses of Plastic

The use of custom plastics is found across different industries and that is the reason why more and more manufacturers are coming up. Plastic parts are used in:

  • Computer enclosures
  • Electronic device enclosures
  • Any writing devices
  • Several containers
  • Manufacturing lids and handles
  • Used to make buttons and knobs
  • Electrical connectors
  • Manufacturing phones
  • Different auto parts
  • Displays and cups
  • Packaging purposes
  • ID cards
  • Different panels
  • Signs and windows

Commercial and Industrial Supply

The manufacturers of custom plastics also supply this as a raw material to different industries for commercial purposes and other uses. These industries include aerospace, agriculture, alternative energy, building, chemical and electrical, environmental fluid handling, food and beverage, heavy equipment, life sciences, lumber and marine material handling, medical and mining, oil and gas, pharmaceutical and water transportation, to name a few.


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