How to Treat Blocked drains?

Drains are used to remove the water from the surface either by natural method or by artificial method. Drains will be routed to the storm sewer to prevent buildups in the path where it flows. Drains are used for surface field drainage systems to prevent water leggings within the field which makes the soil lose its texture drastically hence the water will be sucked out from the agriculture field with the help of PVC or any other means of transportation.

Blocked drains
Blocked Drains

Causes of blocked drains

Drainage system is usually carried out through pipes these days. There are many external factors which cause blocked drains. Some of them are listed below.

Before you attempt to treat the blocked drains, it is important you find what type of block has occurred. There are two kinds of blocked drains one is the public and the other one is private. If the issue arises throughout the area or many houses, then it falls under the public category which should take care by the government officials. If the problem is noted within the house like blockage of sink, toilet and sewer then it will fall under the private category and the household people should act against it.

Foreign objects

Private blocks are caused by some of the foreign objects which we throw into the sink and flush in the toilet. For example, we threw the diaper and we flush it into the sewage, but we do not bother about the calamities that it will cause. The remains of the diaper get stuck in between the sewage pipe will cause a block in the drain. Not only baby diapers but also some external elements like oil grease, shampoo remains, and others may also play role in creating a block.

Deteriorated pipes

Deteriorated pipes are nothing but the old rusted pipes which may break in between and cause a block. Getting the plumbing system inspected and serviced at regular intervals will help to get rid of such issues in the long run.

Tree roots

Tree roots are capable enough to penetrate any type of pipe and it can even break the pipe. Tree robots can cause the whole sewage system to get stuck in a wide region. This can be prevented by using chemicals which can remove the clog.

Blocked drains
Blocked Drains

Misguided pipelines

Pipelines can be misguided, and sometimes unauthorized sewage connection may block the sewage system of other sewage systems. The clogs caused by these types of factors should be done by plumbers who must analyze the area where it has occurred and the factor which causes it. After that it should be dealt legally to remove the unauthorized pipe connections.

Grease clogs

Grease clogs majorly occur in kitchen sink. While washing utensils the grease caused by eatables like cheese, meat curries and many more will get deposited at the end of the pipe below the sink. Pouring hot water eventually will clear it. Failing to do will cause a major clog and it will become a block and the water cannot passes through it as the clogs caused by the grease will be very dense.

Common ways to remove drainage blocks

Chemicals are majorly used to remove clogs. By pouring the chemical acids into the system will remove the clog over the way. Other than chemical wire heads, manual pumps can also be used to remove clogs. Huge blocks in the drainage or sewage pipes should be removed only by using automated pumps which can suck out the block or break it.

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