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Different Kinds of Custom Blinds

Custom blinds are a kind of window shade which have long horizontal stripes or vertical slats of hard material and can be operated manually to allow a limited amount of light to enter the room without providing a complete view of it, which is quite not possible with normal curtains.

Custom blinds have been there for a while and have evolved to different sizes and shapes. They have taken a modern outlook and rather being just known for their functionality, they are also known for their variety of designs which are widely available in the market. They can be customized as per your need and requirements.

The Most Popular Ones Are Listed Below for Your Review

Window Roller Blinds
Window Roller Blinds

Faux Wood Custom Blinds

They are custom blinds which are not made of real wood however possess the look and feel of it. They are still very durable and versatile when it comes to design and pattern. They provide an economical alternative for real wood blinds hence providing the required look and feel of real woods to your house and office. Since they are made of artificial wood like material, they counter the problem of wood soaking the moisture from the atmosphere and are the perfect choice for humid places like bathrooms and kitchen. They are made up of composite PVC hence durable and last for a long time.

Vinyl Vertical Custom Blinds

As the name suggests, these custom blinds are produced from vinyl and come in various color option. They are again very affordable and can be customized to the need and requirement of the decor of your house. They make a perfect alternative for patio doors, large windows and commercial spaces. They also act as a very good alternative for space dividers. They require very low maintenance. You can just wipe them off with a damp cloth once in every fortnight and they are as good as new. You can even customize the way you control the opening of these blinds.

Wood Custom Blinds

These custom blinds are made of real wood and hence are a bit expensive. They provide the sophisticated and traditional look and also bring that warmth of wood to your living space. With a variety of wood, they are made of, you can still choose from quite a variety of wood tone like golden oak, mahogany, walnut and espresso. The wood is dried in a kiln and then coated with a protective coating to save it from UV rays when exposed to direct sun rays. They are very light and look great on large windows.

Fabric Custom Blinds

Fabric custom blinds are made from real fabric to give that curtain kind of feel while retaining the functionality of a blind. They can easily cover large spaces and provide both warm and bright tone to the room. They come in various sizes and colors and can be customized into required color and pattern. They come in various colors and textures. They look good on patio doors and large doors. They are equally suitable for commercial spaces where you need both functionality and design.

Aluminum Custom Blinds

Aluminum custom blinds are another affordable and durable option under blinds. They last long and require very low maintenance. They are cost effective way to incorporate blinds in your space. They form the most versatile line of blinds for windows as they provide both modern and classic look and feel to your space. They can be used in any space be it house or office. They form a good alternative for room divider as well. They are simple yet attractive option to cover your windows.

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