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Keep Your Shutter Clean for Long Lasting Working Ability

It is pretty to add shutter in your place but maintaining these shutters is really difficult because the vertical planks of these shutters are easily going to be covered with dirt and dust. Therefore, cleaning those planks from the core will take some time and you have to be very sure of the cleaning sprees and even get to call experts sometime for help. In terms of home improvements, cleaning the shutters will help saving you a lot of money as you does not have to buy new shutters for your windows. You can just clean the old ones and the products will function as good as new. Once bought, these shutters are designed to last for ages because of the sturdy nature. Therefore, you don’t have to invest much in buying a new one only if you are aware of the cleaning norms.


How would you clean your Shutters with DIY Techniques?

In case you are dealing with plantation shutter over here, then you might have to crap the dirt and dust from the shutters from time to time. You might have to scrub them and avoid using water or any kind of harsh cleaning products for the same. You can further use dusting brush, or you can use vacuum cleaner to clean these shutters.

  • At first, you have to run the vacuum, which comes with comb attachment, just over the shutter.
  • This will help in eliminating the quantity mud and detritus from the surface.
  • With the help of the soft dusting brush, you can induce between the shutters, removing mud or dirt.
  • Once you are done with the basic steps, you have to use the soft textile with a little bit of water or other delicate version of improvement material and scrub the stains or stubborn areas well.
  • Then with dry cloth, you just have to dry off the wet parts to avoid any kind of injury or deformation to surface region of the shutters.

How would you clean the Roller Shutters?

Blinds Shutter
Blinds Shutter

Depending on the types of shutter you are using, the cleaning procedure is subject to change. The method mentioned above is solely dedicated for the plantation shutters. In terms of roller shutters, the cleaning process is also going to change a lot. Cleaning roller shutters is really simple, and this will avoid building up debris and dirt to a great extent and apart from that, regular cleaning of these shutters can provide you smooth operation.

  • It is highly requested to get the shutters slightly open in every three months for cleaning and brushing the ventilation holes. After that, you need to remove debris from the surface region.
  • After that, you can just hose the shutter down and follow the process by washing them with sponge and mild soap in warm water.
  • For the next step, you need to hose the water down and then wipe the region dry with a clean piece of cloth. It is recommended to use absorbent cloth for the same.

It is somewhat mandatory for you to know more about the abrasive cleaners, mentholated spirits and the solvents, which you better keep out of your use while working on shutter. It is also mandatory to avoid using steel wool for cleaning the areas. It is also requested to not open up the shutters for too long as that means you are inviting more dust and dirt to come and accumulated on the surface. If the DIY cleaning tricks are not working for you then you can always call experts for service.


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