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Important Facts You Need to Know About Split System Air Conditioner

An air conditioner is that electronic appliance which controls temperature by dropping the level of humidity. A few decades back, it was thought to be a luxury item but now it is a necessity. The rising temperature of the earth is responsible for the growing usage of AC. It uses refrigeration cycle just like a refrigerator to pull the heat from an area, making the environment cool and fresh. Split system air conditioner was first introduced in Japan and then it became popular in the USA. This is the most popular kind of AC available in the market. It is popularly used in educational institutions, commercial complexes, auditoriums, etc.

While all kinds of Air Conditioners work in similar manner, their shapes, sizes and mechanisms are pretty different. In the split system air conditioner, the condenser is outside the home whereas the compressor remains inside. Both the components are connected by using refrigerant pipes. When compared to other kinds of ACs, split air conditioner produces the least noise.

Split System Air Conditioners
Split System Air Conditioners

The Tonnage or Capacity Determines the Cooling Capacity

If you want to know the cooling capacity of split AC, you need to check the tonnage. Well, the AC you choose or the capacity you look for in the unit is dependent on the size of the space. Split AC may be bought from 0.50 ton to 2 tons. If the area is large, you must use an AC which has more capacity. Do not choose an AC with less cooling capacity in a large area. This will consume a lot of power. British Thermal Unit is that unit which helps to know the cooling capacity of an AC unit.

The Size of The Split Ac Matters

As the split AC can be availed in various sizes, you might get confused which need to choose and install split AC. A lot depends on the size of the room in square feet. If the area is 250 square feet, an AC of 2 tonnage capacity should be chosen. If the area is too large, you may divide it into small parts to calculate the tonnage you are looking for.

A Hole Should Be Drilled

To install a split AC, you may be required to drill a hole in the walls. The accurate depth of that hole will be dependent on the unit you choose. Most of the times, a hole of 3 inches diameter is drilled.

Split AC
Split AC

Tubing Is Necessary

An additional tubing is required for the installation of split AC. It is generally not supplied by the manufacturer and needs to be purchased from the market. The tubes act as a connector between the indoor and the outdoor unit. The size of this tubing relies on the distance between the indoor and outdoor unit.

Split Ac Provides Zonal Cooling

The split system air conditioner offers the facility of zone cooling. This is the greatest benefit of choosing split AC for your home or commercial space. The unit is also very easy to install. You need not have those ducts onto the walls and thus they are convenient. You may buy them in a variety of designs while the units make very less noise.

It Is Taxing to Make the Right Choice  

As there are many companies and brands manufacturing split AC with all innovative features, it is difficult to make the right choice. But, you should go for a reliable split system air conditioner if you want your split AC to last longer.

Split AC is a popular choice nowadays owing to easy installation, its flexibility and the convenience it offers. To make sure that the AC lasts for a long time, you must take up regular inspection work.


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