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Match Your Style With Different Garden Landscape Design

There are different types of landscaping which you can choose one specific landscape design to suit your style, personality, and taste to create an exotic exterior to your home. Remember, the concepts of garden design have evolved dramatically and during the past few decades the world has seen designs crossing geo limits and cultures. Today you can have a Japanese garden style in Netherlands and an English style landscape in some other part of the country. The primary intention is to match the design with the theme of your garden, if any. Therefore, sit through the popular garden designs to find the most suitable one for your home.


The Popular Choices Are:    

Going by the various types of landscape design, here are some of the most popular ones that you will find in any part of the globe.

  •  Japanese design
  • Modern design
  • Tuscan style garden
  • Country landscape
  • Traditional English style garden
  • Xeriscape
  • Tropical design
  • Desert style
  • French style
  • Mediterranean design
  • Colonial garden design
  • Coastal design
  • Spanish gardens
  • Cape cod and
  • Traditional landscape designs.

Features of Each Design

Each landscape design has its own unique  features and knowing about it one by one will help you to make the right choice according to your taste. Consider the feel of each to match perfectly with that of your home and reflect your persona.

  • Formal style – This type of landscape design represents perfect shapes and straight lines. Everything looks very formal with the plantings placed in an organized manner and carefully pruned to reflect a neat look.
  • Informal style – Just as the name suggests it is the opposite of formal yet this laid back style creates a more natural feeling and gives a better look.
  • Contemporary style – This is becoming more popular with each passing day as it matches well with the modern building designs with bold patterns, clean lines and mass planting.
  • English style – This is a mixture of formal and informal styles.
  • Tuscan style – This gives an old world feeling of an Italian countryside.
  • Mediterranean style – The style reflects the climatic condition of the Mediterranean region.
  • Asian style – This style reflects the informality of nature to the hilt offering a sense of peace in life.
  • Xeriscape style – Used extensively for urban landscape and coastal gardens, this style practices water conservation.

Match Your Style

You can choose any type of landscape design to match your style. You can choose a Japanese style garden with alpine meadow carefully designed along with a rock garden and well groomed woodland. You can also incorporate some artifacts in the garden especially those that you usually get in any Asian market. Use some Bonsai trees in front of a miniature house with stone lanterns and meandering paths.

Landscape Design
Landscape Design

If you are in favor of modern touch to your garden, then you can choose the modern designs that include elements of boldness along with a carefree and statuesque appeal. You can mix the city vibe with the charm of the garden with strong geometry and dramatic lush green outdoor space.

Eco-Friendly Gardens

Since the whole world is concerned about the environment and its protection, it is also reflected in landscape design as well. Now you can have several eco-friendly designs of gardens that serve all your purposes, style, personality and most importantly conservation of nature. This design typically connects people with the Mother Nature and earth, maintained organically and is wildlife friendly as well. This new approach of enduring beauty is sustainable and stylish at the same time. Now that you know all about it, the only thing you have to do is select one according to space and your preference.

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