Qualities to Look for And Job Profile of a Car Mechanic

Ideally, a car mechanic is the best friend of any car owner but if you do not make the right choice, the same person can become a nightmare as well. A mechanic is a person on whom you will rely heavily in time of your need and trustfully, if not blindly, that the job will be done perfectly at the first time, reducing extra cost eliminating the need of reworks. They are the experts, who have a thorough knowledge of the vehicle irrespective of its make and model, the mechanism and specifications. They have extensive training, license, and insurance to ensure the best service to your car for proper functionality and safety.

Car Mechanic
Car Mechanic

Qualities to Look for Car Mechanic

You should look for the following qualities to ensure that you have the best car mechanic working on your prized possession:

  • Customer service: A good mechanic will have strong and effective customer service skills to relate to the customers about the repairs.
  • Communication skills: Excellent communication skills are necessary to enable the customer to understand the complex technical jargon.
  • Diagnostic skills: Good mechanics will take much less time to identify the issue with better diagnostic skills.
  • Problem-solving ability: Suggesting suitable ways to rectify the problem in short time is also necessary.
  • Ethical work: They must have good ethics and must be committed and honest about their work.
  • Technical aptitude: Good mechanics will also have a very strong technical aptitude so that they know about the technicalities to solve the problem.
  • Abreast of technological development: A good mechanic will know about the latest features of the cars and have proper knowledge about the latest tools.
  • Leadership quality: they must work in a team and should, therefore, possess good leadership skills.
  • Certification: Though this is not essential but is preferred.

Jobs of a Mechanic

The job profile of a car mechanic is varied and extensive and it includes:

  • Testing car parts and other systems
  • Identification of mechanical problems
  • Following a checklist to make sure nothing is missed out during examination
  • Testing and lubricating the engine and other components
  • Performing fundamental care, checks, and maintenance
  • Replacing worn parts
  • Disassembling and reassembling parts
  • Using proper testing equipment and
  • Explaining it all to the clients.

Few Specialized Mechanics

In some service centers, you will come across few specialized mechanics as well such as:

Car Mechanic Research
Car Mechanic Research
  • Air conditioning repairers: These mechanics are specially trained as per government regulations to work on car air conditioners including controls, compressors, and condensers.
  • Brake repairers: They work on brake linings and pads making necessary repairs and replacements.
  • Front-end repairers: They look after alignment, wheel balancing, suspension and steering systems.
  • Transmission technicians: Along with the Rebuilders they work on couplings, gear trains, hydraulic pumps and others.
  • Tune-Up technicians: They are the special type of car mechanic that look after car ignition timing and valves, spark plugs and emission control systems.

Choosing the Right Mechanic 

It is important to choose the right car mechanic to get better and reliable service. Experience and expertise is the most important factor to consider as that will ensure best results at the best price. Rely on referrals and recommendations from your friends and relatives as these names will be tried, tested and trusted by the referrers. You can also ask your car dealer for some names as well. Ask about their credentials and certification and ask for some names as references. Call them up to find out their service quality and satisfaction derived from their service. Lastly, ask about the pricing policy and the guarantee for their job as these are the most significant aspects.

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