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Facts About Emergency Plumbing Problems

There are instances where an unforeseen problem can crop up in your plumbing system which requires immediate attention. These are called plumbing emergencies. Many plumbing issues such as burst pipes,  water leaks, clogged toilet, overflow drains, blocked kitchen sinks, water heater malfunctions, etc. all constitute plumbing emergencies which require emergency plumbing repair services.

An emergency plumbing repair service provider is available 24/7 and specializes in emergencies disasters and responds to the emergency calls and fixes the plumbing problems efficiently.

What Are The Features Of Emergency Plumbing Services?

Emergency plumbing repair services have helpline numbers so that customers can call at any time of the day or night. The emergency plumbers are even available on holidays to ensure that the customers get quick resolution for their emergency plumbing problems.

The professional emergency plumbers come equipped with all the tools and gears to tackle the problem. A quick diagnosis of the cause and extent of damage is made before repair work is initiated. Measures are immediately taken to prevent further damage to the property and the plumbing system. The plumbers also use many preventive techniques to prevent the recurrence of the problem after the repair work is finished.

Most of the emergency plumbing services have their own websites listing their services and emergency contact numbers for the customers.

Common Plumbing Emergencies

1. Cracked Or Burst Pipe – Burst water pipes due to water expands can lead to flooding while cracked pipes that lead to water leaks and cause damage to the walls.  The primary course of action before calling the emergency plumber is to turn off the main water valve to prevent flooding or leakage. Thereafter, the water taps must be turned on to drain the water trapped in the pipe.

Emergency Plumbing
Emergency Plumbing

2. Overflowing Toilet – Clogged toilets often overflow which renders them useless and causes wastage of water. This qualifies as a plumbing emergency and requires immediate professional help. However, we can stem the flow of water by closing the tank valve and the main water valve.
3. Blocked Shower Drains Or Bathtubs – Bathtub overflows and water refuses to drain off due to blockage in its drainage system. Similarly, the water level rises and comes right up to the ankle in case of blocked shower drains. Blockage normally occurs due to the accumulation of hair or soap in the drain. In such cases, an emergency plumber needs to be summoned immediately before the problem aggravates.

Emergency Plumbing Services
Emergency Plumbing Services

4. Clogged Sink Drain – Clogged sink drain leads to flooding in the kitchen. We can use a rubber plunger and chemicals to allow some water to drain off before the arrival of an emergency plumber. However, it is not advisable to try and unclog the drain all by ourselves because this can make the problem worse.
5. Malfunctioning Taps – Malfunctioning taps which cannot be turned off gives rise to the problem of continuously running water in the kitchen or bathroom. This is a plumbing emergency and needs to be resolved swiftly. The main water supply must be stopped and an emergency plumber must be hired immediately.
6. Gas Leak – The Gas leak is a dangerous emergency due to the flammable nature of gas. Thus, whenever there is a hissing sound near the gas supply line or appliance along with the odor of gas, a call should be placed to an emergency plumbing repair service for the immediate fixing of the leakage.
7. Defective Water Heaters – Water heaters often fail to heat water resulting in very cold water due to multiple plumbing issues. Leakage in gas water heaters is also an emergency plumbing issue identified by the smell of rotten eggs. In such cases, the main gas supply line must be put off before calling the plumber.


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