Professional Transport Services for Goods

Melbourne has many freight and logistics companies with efficient distribution networks covering the entire country of Australia. This has led to multiple options for business companies operating in Melbourne to ship all kinds of goods anywhere in the country. The professional Melbourne transport companies have specialized pieces of equipment and vehicles at their disposal along with skilled workers. Customized logistic procedures are offered to the customers according to their requirements.

melbourne transport companies
Transport Companies

Services offered

  • General freight- The Melbourne transport companies have specialized fleets of vehicles such as trucks, trailers, and vans for transporting goods. Trucks of various tonnages are available to suit goods of all sizes and weights. Large fleets ensure that the requirements of all customers are met with ease. Both intra and inter-state services are offered by most of the transport companies. Overnight delivery service is also usually provided by many companies. The entire operation consisting of picking, packing and delivery is carried out by the companies.
  • Courier Services- Half a ton and 1-ton trays and vans are available for transporting boxes, crates, pallets, rolls, bags, skids, etc. The type of courier vehicle is selected according to the dimensions and weight of the goods. Roof rack vehicles are also offered by many companies for goods of large dimensions and greater weights.
  • Container Delivery- The transport companies provides high tonnage container delivery services. Delivery is made directly to the wharf for onward loading on ships. The companies also offers direct delivery of containers to the customer’s premises or warehouse. The companies maintain direct communication with the customs services to successfully execute all the legal formalities. Container storage facilities and side loader transport are available with the companies. Thus, businesses can rely on the transport companies in Melbourne for fulfilling their import and export needs.
Transport Companies
  • Bulk Liquid Transportation- Most of the transport companies have fleets of food grade bulk liquid tankers suitable for the food and beverage industry. These are insulated stainless steel tankers which are safe and hygienic. Liquid transportation services are offered for both short as well as long distances. Customized tanks are available for specific industries. Many companies also have full wash bay facilities at their terminals to maintain the tankers in spick and span conditions. Bulk liquid transportation services are mainly availed by the wine industries, dairy, agricultural industries, juice manufacturers, water bottling plants and many other industries. The transport companies are known for safe transportation of liquids.
  • Warehousing Service- Transport companies offer safe and secure warehouses for both short and long-term storage of goods on a temporary basis, such as cartons, pallets and large items. The companies manage everything from picking and unpacking to repacking and order assembly. Professional warehouse managers are deployed to manage the goods right from receipt to dispatch. The warehouses can also be customized according to specific requirements of the customers.

Other Features of The Transport Services

Most of the transport companies offer the facility of online booking and invoice generation. Online booking facility is usually available for 24 hours a day and seven days a week.  Safe and secure customer interfaces are provided for inquiries. Quick price quotes are provided to the customers on the basis of the details entered by them such as dimensions, quantities, weights, etc. GPS systems are installed in the trucks for real time tracking of the goods. The drivers are licensed and thoroughly vetted. The vehicles are regularly serviced to ensure smooth operation. Emergency response and crisis management mechanisms are also put in place to combat unforeseen circumstances.

The companies are fully compliant with all the local and international rules and regulations governing the transportation of the goods.


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