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Security Doors – A Boon in Disguise

Security today has become a big issue in everyone’s life. Growing population has now become a major problem in the economy and also causes of unemployment. The increasing rate of unemployment has thus developed a threat to mankind from mankind. People lack any employment and to run their living they indulge into malpractice. There are many instances when robbers run into any one’s house and rob their house as well as spoil their whole property.

To overcome this situation one can always rely on Security Doors which provide security to your home as well as allow you to be at peace. The security door refers anything that strengthens doors against ram-raiding, door breaching, and lock picking. It also helps prevents crimes such as burglary and home invasions. These doors are used in commercial and government buildings as well as residential buildings. Some security doors also function as fire doors to prevent or inhibit the spread of fire. There are various types of doors available for use in residential buildings like solid wood doors, doors with metal skinned wood-edged, panel doors, and metal edge-wrapped doors. These security doors include smart locks which can be used to limit door access to only people with an electronic key fob like a smartphone. It also includes deadbolts that are unaffected by any failure, lock bumping and picking. These security doors also have alarms which are designed to warn about a danger alert. The security doors add value to your home. It saves money on home insurance policy as well as adds value to overall property.

Security Door
Security Door

How Do Security Doors Protect Your House?

  • If a window or door gets breached or opened when the alarm is on, there is a sensor that will send a signal to the central control panel and it immediately triggers the main alarm. It is important to understand how does the sensor works in order to keep them well maintained. Thus, enabling people to know about any mishappening.
  • The designs and standards selected for security doors also play an important role in securing the house against any uncertainties. They should be constructed from solid hardwood or metal.  Plywood or other wood composites have comparatively weaker structure and are not preferred.
  • Chains are an important security feature of security doors. A chain acts as second barrier, when any intruder physically attempts to enter the house this prevents him from barging in.
  • Door viewers also act as an important device to enhance the door security. This enables to look and realize the callers without having to open the doors. Most often the door viewers will have a view of 180 degree horizontal field which is very similar to the lens of a fish-eye camera. Generally, these viewers are made of metals, and are placed at about the head height.
  • Security doors contains of sensors that remind the owner immediately if any burglar or intruder is trying to run into his house. Thus protecting the house from further damage.
  • Doors and window sensors are the backbone of any security doors because any intruder always tries to enter you house through these openings in the home. These sensors when opened triggers the alarm and thus helps everyone in the house to be alert and prevent any uncertainties
Security Doors
Security Doors

Security doors are easy to install and easy to maintain. These security doors have now become most popular instrument and have turned out to be a boon in disguise to protect one’s house from any situation that can negatively affect the people as well the belongings.


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