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Reasons for The Popularity of European Oak Wood Flooring

True European oak has a lot of interest and allure surrounding it. Most of the European oaks come from Germany and France.

European Oak Wood Flooring
  • People are attracted by its uniqueness as it is far different from the oak available widely all across the USA. When it comes to lumber industry, oak is the staple. It is popular species of wood utilized for the construction of floors.
  • Architects, designers, mill workers and others are familiar with the European oak. It may be used for veneers, cabinetry, mill work and flooring. The design and functionality of European oak is different and rich. This is the reason for the popularity of European oak wood flooring.
  • When compared to traditional white oak of America, European oak wood has tight grain. This is due to the fact that the Europeans adopt a technique where a square is taken from the center, namely, the cant and then the slicing is done. This leads to tighter grain which is so much in demand in the flooring industry.

Warm, Durable and Appealing Oak Wood Floors

Hardwood floors have been used since centuries. Hardwood is attractive, appealing and warm. It is better to choose engineered hardwood floors as they are attractive and warm. Engineered hardwood floor is manufactured through the process of bonding various layers of wood. 

Perks Associated with Choosing European Oak Wood Floor

There is not only one reason for choosing European oak wood floor but there are several. The following are some of them:

Oak Wood Flooring
  • Oak wood floor is more affordable than other types of floors. The material of the floor is cheaper than solid wood.
  • When you talk about the installation of oak wood floor, it is pretty straightforward. If you want you can install the floor yourself. Planks are available in the market that may be directly fixed to the floor.
  • The material is stable in varying temperature. It can also sustain humidity.

Boost the Appeal of Your Interiors

European oak wood floor can fabulously boost the appeal of the interiors. Even the dullest of spaces will acquire a sophisticated and luxurious look. Solid wood flooring is easy and there is no need to incur an installation cost. There are different gradations of oak wood and European oak wood flooring is just another option to make the interior of your home up to the mark.

European Oak Is Dense

European oak is such a material that never expands or contracts under the impact of weather. When usual kind of wooden floor expands under moist condition, it is European oak which stays intact and never expands or contracts. There is no such need of expert floor covering here. Good quality oak is sturdy enough to stay unaffected when it is too hot or too cold.

European Oak Flooring

European Oak Wood Flooring Is Cost Effective

In this recessional phase, it is not possible to change the floor frequently. You may consider solid oak flooring which is sure to last for years and generations. There is no need to replace the floor, carry out repairs or bear expensive maintenance cost.

Oak wood has insulating properties and thus you can save huge on the heating and cooling bills. The floor stays warm during winters and cool during summers. That is why in many homes and offices, hard European oakwood is used to make the floors sustainable and high quality wood also enhances the longevity of the floor and the resale value of your home.

If you are looking to make your home elegant and beautiful, you must choose oak flooring. Even if the price is more, it can increase the value of your property to a great extent.



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