What Happens When You Use Timber Pallets for Packaging

If you are looking for supplies of sturdy and quality pallets for your business, then one of the healthiest options is the timber pallets. Timber as a material is an excellent choice for withstanding the weather, bearing weight, and giving the best possible support too, for a long time. You can reuse, recycle, and find timber to be biodegradable. While planning your business from the scratch, you will have to plan many such investments. And pallets demand a huge chunk of the investment in a business which involves export and import, freight management and transfer, logistics etc.

If you believe you want to invest on the right stuff, and make every bit invested worth the ROI, then you should think of timber pallets surely. Here discussed are some of the best reasons for using timber pallets.

Timber Pallets
Timber Pallets

Advantages of Timber Made Pallets

Pallets made from timber come with the following advantages:

  • Wood is a dense and compact material and therefore offers very good structural strength. That is why, when you compare timber to any other material in the pallet, especially with plastic, you find it much stronger and sturdier than plastic or other things. Wood is strong, sturdy, very hard and durable. Timber pallets, therefore, can withstand forces, wear and tear, rough handling and all such treatments while in transit.
  • Timber being strong can withstand the weight. Plastic and other materials also bear weight, but timber has a natural structural strength due to the crisscross joints in between wood fibers which helps it to withstand heavy weight and still do not crush underweight.
  • As timber pallets are good insulators, it does not get hot or cold with changing temperatures much. Therefore, the goods contained within also do not have chances of damage due to temperature.
  • Timber is cheaper, and thus timber pallets are economic. A good reason for timber’s low cost is that it’s easily available, recyclable, and reusable.
  • For being biodegradable, you are relieved of the burden of bringing in an environmental imbalance by using timber made pallets.
  • To make timber pallets germ and pest free, it’s much easy to treat the pallets with heat and make the wood, germ, and pest free. On the other hand, plastic cannot be made pest or germ free so easily by the heat treatment. This applies to other products too.
  • The natural flexibility and stress taking the capacity of timber help it to expand and contract with temperature, weather, and weight management. This makes it a good option for packaging heavy weight substances.
  • With high friction, the wooden pallets are highly manageable compared to other materials and can be hauled, pulled, ragged, and moved again the ground easily without chances of slipping and breaking.

You can get customized timber pallets by getting them made as per your instruction. Size, color, impression, logo, brand name, and finish, all can be customized in case of timber, and the planks can be nailed and managed easily.

When You Have to Buy Timber Pallets

If you plan to buy wooden pallets then you must buy them from a dependable source that would take the responsibility of customizing, and checking every piece before they send you. The quality and make of the pallets highly matters at the time of checking at several points in transit, and decides if goods packed within are safe or at risk.

When timber pallets get old and are in a condition that they no longer can be used for logistics, then also these pallets can be used in other places like gardening, home decoration etc. There are creative ways of using old pallets and timber is the best for such usage.


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