How to Improve Working Memory Skills for Child?

Working memory is the term that describes the distortion of information that stores memory in the short-term. Earlier working memory was interchangeably used with short-term memory. It is necessary for kids because this memory is required for following the directions that involve multiple steps to solve a problem.

Some of the Skills that help in Improving Working Memory Skills are:

#1 Visualization Skills: Children should be encouraged to visualize something they have learnt as a picture in the head. If the parent asks his child to set the table for five people, he/she can ask the kid to visualize how the table will look like. After this, the kid can be asked to draw the picture of the table. As the kid’s skills improve over time, he/she can be asked to describe the picture instead of drawing it.

#2 Strategy Training: Strategy training for improving working memory skills involves the process of teaching clean and effective processes like maintenance, encoding, or getting the information from the working memory. The main aim of this strategy training is to improve the overall ability for information retention.

Working Memory
Working Memory

#3 Breaking Down Big Chunks of Information into Smaller Ones: Big chunks of information should be broken into small pieces for efficient working of the memory. For improving working memory skills, the children are taught to focus on either one or two instructions before moving to the next set of instructions. For example, if you want to conduct a wedding, you should not think about the wedding ceremony, the reception party, and the different caterers all at once. This does not work but it is better for the individual to focus one task at a time and then the rest.

#4 Experimenting Different Ways for Remembering Data: Children should be taught the art of experimenting with different ways in which information can be remembered. There are certain individuals who may recall a list easily if the individual creates a rhyme or a song. Certain people find it easy to remember stuff with the help of visualization. For example, visualizing yourself as taking a bite into a cheese pizza will help you to remember that you need to pick up a pizza on your way back home.

#5 Active Reading: Sticky notes and highlighters are very popular in the market place. Taking down notes or highlighting them in a text book with the help of highlighter helps the kids in recalling information better. Some people prefer to read out loud and ask specific questions about the particular thing that was read. Active reading helps in improving working memory skills by improving long-term memory.

#6 Making Memory Skills Multi-sensory: Processing information in many ways helps in improving both long-term and short-term memory. The tasks can be written down and read out loud so that the child can listen to it and interpret the information. While discussing the tasks the child should complete, a ball can be tossed to the child and at the same time can be asked to throw it back to the parent. Since multiple senses are being used here in this exercise, it helps in keeping the information in the mind.

#7 Reduce Multitasking: Strong research studies have proved that the concept of multitasking can reduce the overall efficiency of the working memory skills. Many of the experts recommend that the multitasking should be reduced for improving working memory skills. Children should be taught to complete one task at a time and then move to the next.

All these tips will help children, young adults, and adults as well. Overall, everyone should focus on improving these skills over the time.

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