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Who Needs CCTV Camera Installation Services?

As the owner of a brand new CCTV camera, you may be interested in CCTV camera installation services. Many people try to install the equipment themselves, but there are a number of benefits of hiring professionals to do the same job. The first of which is to ensure your CCTV system is properly monitoring your property. No one wants to have a CCTV system installed incorrectly or in the future, when they need the video, they are noticing that the camera was not pointed in the correct direction or that the cameras did not adequately cover the premises. For this and other reasons, you should highly consider getting professional CCTV camera installation services.

CCTV Camera
CCTV Camera

What Are the Steps in The Installation Process?

To properly install your CCTV system, you need to identify a professional installer. Your installer will discuss options with you, provide a cost estimate covering the configuration of your video storage system, wiring the cameras for power and connecting the cameras to the central processing unit.

Identifying the Professional Installer

Choosing the right installation professional is a first and important step in the CCTV camera installation services process. Word of mouth recommendations or researching companies using the Better Business Bureau are a good place to start. Next, you would need to schedule an appointment to generate the installation estimate. This would be the contract for proceeding with the installation.

Knowing the Installation Requirements

  • Video Storage
    Your CCTV camera installation services professional will be able to suggest different types of video storage. It’s important to know the differences so you can choose the best system to meet your needs. There are 2 options you must choose from when doing installation, either off-line or on-line video storage. Off-line video storage is a good option to protect the videos against disasters such as fire or earthquake, but requires a 3rd party video storage contract. Local storage may be a better choice to keep costs down or to maintain ownership over the recorded video content.
  • Powering the Cameras
    As with any electronic devices, you need to provide power to the cameras. Some of the newer cameras are battery powered. This gives flexibility in the installation of the devices. These batteries powered devices have downsides though. For one, they require Wi-Fi connection to transfer the video feeds. Also, the batteries need to be replaced every now and then, so maintenance costs are higher.
  • Connectivity
    When your CCTV camera installation services professional installs your camera, you need to connect to the video storage unit. As mentioned previously, the video storage can be either on-site or off-site. As with the rise of the internet, off-site storage is increasingly becoming a recommended solution. That doesn’t mean it is always the right choice for all installations though. For instance, in a highly secrete installation; one may not want to give an external 3rd party access to the videos stored. Also, with anything on the internet, there can be unscheduled outages causing a loss of video. Local storage can be a good choice for someone looking to save costs or who has a good understanding of maintaining a security video collection.
CCTV Camera Installation
CCTV Camera Installation

In addition to connectivity to the video unit, one needs to connect the cameras to the processing unit. This can happen via two methods, wired or wireless. Wired options are good for when there need to be a large number of cameras installed over a large area. Wi-Fi cannot cover great distances and the quality decrease with distance, so wired installation would be preferred for large facilities. For smaller installations, one may choose Wi-Fi to simplify installation. Wi-Fi installations require only powering the camera unit and then configuring the camera using the manufacture provided application.


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