5 Tips for Selecting the Best Local Garage for Car Servicing

Most of us have the desire to own a beautiful and shiny car. A car not only makes life much more comfortable but also adds to your status symbol. The process of availing finance for purchasing cars has also become a lot easier, these days. Moreover, it is equally important to maintain your car’s health condition. Hence, regular servicing is essential in this regard.

Even though the car manufacturers do provide the initial few services for free, but once the free services get over, you are left with two choices. Either you can opt for paid car servicing at the authorized garage of the manufacturer, or you can head towards a local garage shop. While paid servicing at the authorized service station can cost you a lot, a local garage can perform the same job at a lower price. But, you have to certainly research in finding out a reliable and reputed garage.

car mechanic
Car Mechanic

How to Find Out a Good Car Servicing Garage?

#1. Ratings- In most of the countries, there exists some rating system for the independent garages. So, checking out the rating of the local or independent garage can be a good way to figure out its service quality. If rating system is not available in your region, you can still find out the service quality by going through the online reviews. References from your friends and neighbours can also be taken into consideration.

#2. Genuine Parts– When you choose a local garage, it is very crucial to ensure the spare parts provided by the garage are absolutely genuine. During the time of replacing the engine oil, be sure that the oil brand used by the garage is there in the list of recommended brands by your car manufacturer. Likewise, you should ask for a bill or invoice after getting the new component installed in your car. Through the serial number, you can verify whether the component is genuine or not. If you compromise with the quality aspect just for the sake of saving few bucks, it might affect the performance and longevity of your car.

Car Service
Car Service

#3. Warranty– The best and trusted local garages always provide a warranty of the services they offer. This is more important in case some major servicing has been performed.  And, you will not have to feel worried about spending on your car’s servicing anytime soon.

#4. Experience– The car garage selected by you should have professional mechanics. Having an experience of more than five years is really essential in ensuring fine quality service. In fact, the garage should have proper experience and expertise in servicing and repairing cars of the same brand of your car. This can be ensured by visiting the garage and taking a look around.

#5. A cost of service– The cost associated with car servicing certainly depends on the reputation of the garage. Nevertheless, it is vital to compare the amount of money quoted by the best garages in your town.

As a matter of fact, the cost of servicing also depends on the kind of service you are looking for. There are three major types of car servicing available and they are- minor car service, interim car service, and major car service. Minor service is also referred to as basic service, and it involves all the basic aspects of servicing, such as replacing the engine oil, checking the brakes, etc.

Interim servicing is about enhancing the performance of your car by working a little on the major parts of the engine. Major servicing involves working on most of the major parts like cabin filters, timing belts, spark plugs, etc.


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