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How to Service the Ducted Evaporative Cooling Systems?

It is a well-known fact that ducted evaporative cooling systems or swamp coolers are very popular among the people. Bestowed with a simple design, the device has a box-like structure accompanied by numerous pores. They are essential for the passage of air and absorption of excess humidity in the atmosphere. In order to make the cooler work for home, make sure that it is in the right size according to the homes. In fact, you should analyze the cubic meter per feet capacity of the airflow before ordering evaporative cooling systems. In addition, there are different tips that would help you to extend the longevity of the cooler functionality.

Evaporative Coolers

#1. Intensive Cleaning:

The first step in the process is to remove the old pads and indulge in the intensive cleaning of the frames. Due to persistent usage, the dust particles are accumulated and impede the absorption of the moisture. A wire brush can be the best tool to scrape the dirt as well as other impurities. Painting the surface would go a long way in delivering outstanding results to the users.

#2. Draining:

Further, one needs to remove the excessive water from the ducted evaporative cooling systems. Draining the reservoir is a good start. The scrapping of the dust and debris should be the following step. If they get deposit, the airflow is blocked and the cooler cannot regulate the temperature. Cleaning the water distribution network consisting of pump impellers and screen will enhance the performance of the system. If the components are not working properly, it is important to lubricate them for seamless functioning.

#3. Electric Connection:

As a part of regular maintenance, make sure to check the wires and connectors. Sometimes, worn out insulations might cause more harm than good to the users. Inspect the belt for any cracks or malfunctioning. It is important to replace the worn out parts immediately in an effective manner.

#4. Fix the Secondary Distribution Array:

Switch off the cooler and resize the distribution tubes, so that they empty the residual water into the trough. Remove the spider and fix it again with the glue to get the desired performance. Upon installation, the system will work according to the requirements and specifications.

#5. Cleaning the Filters:

Remove the filters wash the rod with pipe water completely. By blowing the jet stream of water with full force, it is possible to clean the impurities at one go. If the individual has an old cooler, it is important to remove the dump and clear out the water from the tank.

#6. Removing the Water:

Wiping the area close to the water tank will do a whirl of good to the evaporative coolers and improve their efficiency by many folds. The device will work for a long time and cools down the hot temperature of the room. A soft wire brush is the need of the hour to remove the solid particles that are embedded into the body of the cooler.

#7. Taking Care of The Belts:

The motor belts should be adjusted for the regulation of the tension. Moderate hand pressure will help in the seamless functioning of the cooler. If the extension increases, the whole mechanical set up can face break down. Water supply needs to be adequate, make sure that the liquid is wetting the pad. If the pads are dry, they might not able to contribute to efficient cooling.

Whatever cooler you are buying, inspect the instruction manual and follow the precautions. Following necessary steps will make the device work for a long time with great efficiency. It will keep your home cool in hot summers.


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