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Ideal Kitchen Tap with Specific Considerations for Your Kitchen

Choosing a kitchen tap is not a small job. Besides being functional to the largest extent, this tap needs to enhance the looks of a kitchen. They are the most used compared to any other taps at home. Ensuring the quality of these taps is a priority you cannot overlook. They need to be sturdy and long lasting. There are a vast number of mounting styles, designs and finishes available in the kitchen taps. Choosing the right one can be a wee bit confusing for any homeowner. It is thus essential to get all the required information on the different kitchen taps before making a choice. Some factors to be considered are listed below.

kitchen tap
Kitchen Tap

Look out for the Different Mounting Styles in Accordance to Your Requirement

  • Sink Mounting Style: If you already have a kitchen sink, that is, if you are not building a new home, you need to consider how many mounting holes the sink has. If the new kitchen tap does not require as many holes for mounting, you need to look for a tap which is available with a deck plate on the base, also known as the escutcheon plate. This tends to cover up the unwanted holes, making the total look presentable.
  • Deciding on the Handle Type: Normally you find kitchen taps consist of either one handle rotating in a specific direction for the selection of water temperature, or two handles for mixing the required cold and hot water. The taps with single handle are convenient to use for all home owners. A lever handle works apt for kitchen as these can be even opened using your elbow if your hands are greasy. You have the option of choosing the levers with sensors.
  • Double Handled Faucets: These faucets are apt for the traditional kitchen. One handle for the hot water and the other for the required cold water is ideal for any kitchen. As compared to the single handled faucets these faucets create a temperature with additional precision.
  • Type of design Required: Since sink taps can enhance the look of your kitchen, you need to choosy and go for designer taps. They might be a little expensive but tend to be a worthwhile investment. Brushed steel of a commercial grade and spring necks can provide a kitchen a commercial look. Pick a design which is low in height if you have cupboards overhead or even a window sill.
  • Checking out the Finish: Checking out the décor of your kitchen and the one which works out the most functional, you can choose between the colored, brushed, polished steel, chrome or even a totally stainless steel tap.
kitchen tap
Kitchen Tap

Factors to focus on

Before you decide on a specific kitchen tap keeping the above-mentioned factors, you may take a look at some additional factors, which include

1. Warranty: No homeowner will want to spend frequently on replacing kitchen taps. If so, it is essential that you choose a manufacturer who can offer you the guarantee or a warranty which works well with you. There are multiple types of warranties offered with some of the taps coming with a warranty for a life time. This can be ensured with the right research by a home owner. You have the option of going through the many online stores and choose the one which will benefit you to the maximum.

2. Costs: Kitchen taps might be very costly if you intend to opt for the designer, hi-fi one. Choosing them from good and reputed manufacturers will ensure that you sit back and relax and not worry about the future tensions it will give you. You also find the cheap one which work well for any type of budget. The hiccup being, there is no guarantee of the durability factor with these taps.


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