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Why Choose Caesarstone Benchtops Over Any Other Brand for Your Home Improvement?

Home improvement can be an intricate task as selecting the right products is a vital factor.

  • In the arena of kitchens specifically, an impressive and good quality of benchtop can make all the difference. Caesar stone benchtops are a popular choice amongst homeowners when compared to other brands.
  • This popular manufacturing company makes premium quartz-based fabricated stone surfaces for functional countertops, floors, interior wall cladding, vanities, tub and shower surrounds, and other interior surfaces for both residential as well as commercial projects.
  • Their benchtops, in particular, are all the rage and a recommended choice by some leading experts and interior designers as well.

Types of Caesarstone Benchtops for Your Kitchen

Caesarstone Kitchen Benchtops
  1. Caesarstone Concetto: This is a collection of surfaces hand-made from individually cut and bound natural semi-precious stones. The intrinsic shadings and patterns of these stones and the vivid colors that radiate from them make these surfaces truly unique and stunning. In addition to being aesthetically appealing, these surfaces are also heat, scratch, and stain resistant, making them a recommended low maintenance option.
  2. Caesarstone Motivo: The motive variant is boasted by most reputed companies, as the first quartz surface in the world that has sculpted pattern designs incorporated in it. When compared to tiles, these surfaces are relatively grout-free. They are designed for vertical surface application and can be installed as kitchen splashbacks. The Motivo surfaces are also low maintenance and non-porous.
  3. Caesarstone Classico: The classico variant is the most widely used surface amongst the collection of benchtops owing to its various advantages over other materials. The Classico quartz is the one of the hardest material, therefore offering double the impact resistance and four times the flexural strength of granite. Additionally, its features like waterproof, scratch resistant, mould resistant, and non-porous make it ideal for a kitchen.
  4. Caesarstone Supremo: Caesarstone Supremo is a new collection in quartz industry with a natural and elite look coupled with premium quality. Its unique color and pattern separate it from other surfaces in the market.

Benefits of Getting a Caesar Stone Benchtop Over Other Materials

Caesarstone Benchtops
  • Being a leading provider in more than 50 countries around the world, Caesar stone is known for its latest global design trends and excellent products delivered with a strong customer care service.
  • Caesarstone offers a 10-year limited warranty for its quartz surfaces. Since Caesarstone is less porous than any other materials for the benchtops, you will require no additional maintenance cost or no additional sealant to maintain the surface of the benchtop.
  • Their splash back application with grout-less surface, no seal requirement, strength, and wear resistance offers low maintenance as compared to glass and tiles.
  • Being resistant to mould and mildew, and non-porous, it is ideal for wet areas and thus perfect for a kitchen benchtop.

You Can Customize the Type of Benchtop That You Would Like, By Choosing Different Color Palette:

As these features and points suggest, you can now incorporate Caesar stone surfaces and benchtops in your kitchen and avoid any hassle of maintenance and added expenses, all while improving the aesthetics of your kitchen by a great deal. For a seamless process of choosing a design, you can even install their convenient Visualiser app which helps bring your preferred designs to life. You can choose your own color palette and materials in the app and design your kitchen accordingly.

These customer-friendly and convenient features make Caesar stone a preferred choice of many customers all across the world. Since architects and designers who are renowned all over the world partner with Caser stone to create and set new trends in designs, you can expect innovative, modern, and premium products from them.

More information available at Urustone.com.au


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