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Major Benefits Obtained From the Installation of Window Canopy

The windows of the residential and commercial buildings are often protected by creating a special framed projection over the window, which is termed as a canopy or awning. Generally, a window canopy is made of very lightweight and durable materials, to stand through all types of weather and one that resists corrosion. Now these canopies are available in many colours and in attractive designs.  These materials are also environment-friendly in nature. There are many benefits of installing canopies over the windows, because of which the popularity of this structure is increasing by the day.

Window Canopy
Window Canopy

What Advantages Can Be Achieved From The Installation Of Window Canopy?

  • Energy efficiency – A well-built canopy over the window blocks the entry of direct sunlight and UV rays into the room. The room remains insulated and lot cooler even in summer, thus saving the energy spent by your air conditioner to cool your room. These canopies also block chilling wind into the rooms, maintaining the warmth of the rooms in winter; hence the use of room heater will be minimized. Therefore, the window canopy adds to the energy efficiency of any house, thus helping in lowering the utility bill of the homeowner.
  • Blocks rainfall or sleets – The canopy on the window prevents heavy rains or sleets from entering the room and damaging the furnishings of that room. Hence, these windows can be kept open even during the rainfall, thus maintaining the free ventilation in the rooms. The house is protected against the slow damages that can be caused by the entry of excess humidity. The metallic or wooden window frames are also protected by the canopies from rust or decay that could be caused due to the continuous presence of moisture.
  • Increases the attractiveness of home – The beautifully created window canopy can make a house look more fashionable and attractive to the onlookers. Often the colour of canopies is chosen to blend with the colour scheme of the house and for maintaining the symmetry with the external appearance of the home. The buildings achieve a trendier look with the installation of colourful window canopies on the exterior sides of all the windows..
  • Enhances the property value of house – The sales price of a home can be increased to some extent in the real estate market by installing canopies over all the windows of the house. This is because the interested buyers would be well aware of the benefits of the window canopies, for which they would readily agree to pay higher prices. The homes are also considered to be more secure, as it is difficult for any intruder to break open through the windows, due to the presence of the canopies.
  • Uses of canopies for advertising – The commercial buildings can use these window canopies successfully for advertisement purposes. The practice of printing company logos or their slogans on the materials of these canopies are very popular in the corporate world, As the canopy space can be an eye catching advertising area to bring your brand or product to the attention of the public.
  • Cost effective construction – The canopies are made of glass or fibres or any durable material, which are quite affordable for the common people. Even the canopies made of most fashionable texture and designs can be purchased at reasonable costs. Moreover, the frames of these canopies are made of aluminium or any other light metal that are available in low prices. As these canopies are highly durable, there is very little necessity of complicated maintenance or replacement as the canopies last for many years in fresh condition with simple washing with water.

Hence, the canopies should be installed over the windows for gaining all these above mentioned benefits at any home.


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