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How Blinds & Shutters Help Enhance Your Home Improvement?

No matter the style or design of your home, windows are among the first things you would notice. There are a wide variety of window treatments you can choose from to help stylize your windows. Shades or drapes, which are classified as soft window treatments, can be a hassle when it comes to maintenance & privacy.  Earlier people used to install heavy curtains on their windows, but after a certain timeframe, you need to change these curtains and you have to spend a huge cost again. To avoid this issue, you can choose blinds and shutters and you can easily operate these shutters with a remote control system.

blinds and shutters.jpg
Blind and Shutter

Why Would You Choose The Roller Blinds And Shutter For Your Home Improvement?

Blinds have widely become a popular alternative to curtains. A window blind consists of several horizontal or vertical slats/vanes, which are held together by a string that runs through the slats. The slats in a blind overlap each other and they can be either raised or lowered either remotely or manually. As they are made from a lighter material, window blinds are preferred indoors.

  • Shutters are more of a permanent fixture to you home can be made for both interior & exterior purposes.  Slats in window shutters are thicker & wider thus making it popular option in areas, which can be affected by hurricanes, storms or heavy winds.
  • The slats in the shutters are controlled using a titled rod, which is seen either front-mounted or rear-mounted.  Perhaps the most compelling advantage, which makes shutters a favourite among interior designers is the fact that it can be custom, made as per the windows’ design.

Comparing Blinds & Shutters

  • Windows blinds are available in a wide variety of colors & design.
  • Blinds do not add much resale value to your home due to their comparatively shorter live life span depending on the materials used (4-7 years).

Some blinds come with some form fabric along with it which aids in providing additional privacy from prying eyes.


  • Shutters are an excellent choice for designer homes, as they will never become out-dated.
  • With shutters you have complete control over the amount of light you want to let in to your home. Whether you prefer plenty of sunshine into your room or want to keep it, Shutters are the best choice for your home.
blinds and shutter.jpg
Blind and Shutters

Different Types of Blinds & Shutters

  • Venetian blinds – These types of blinds are made of either metal or plastic & form a stacked slat design as they are arranged horizontally one above the other. The slats can be rotated up to 180 degrees using either cords or chains.
  • Matchstick blinds – These types of blinds consists of horizontally placed bamboo sticks. As the long piece of wood resembles a matchstick, they are called matchstick blinds. They are operated using a pulley type system, with a string, which is threaded through the wood sticks helps raised or lower the blinds.
  • Plantation Shutters – These types of shutters are made of real wood, vinyl or composite wood. The slats in these types of shutters are be opened or closed by using a titled rod placed along with it.
  • Accordion Shutters – The design in these types of shutters consist of two or more panels being attached together & will fold open when required. These are preferred in areas, which are prone to extreme weather conditions.

So now you can decorate your home with some attractive designer roller blinds and you will get full privacy level through these blinds and shutter. Apart from that, these blinds will protect your window panels from harsh climate, and these blinds can also help you to keep your rooms cool during summer.


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