Looking After Your Favorite BMW Is Not That Tricky as You Think to Be!

Buying an expensive and luxurious car such as BMW is an owner’s pride. Every person who owns a car like BMW will definitely be in love with the beauty, smoothness, and luxurious interior of the car. They are determined and always wish to maintain it. Many owners believe that drivers do not take personal care of the car and they themselves personally take care of the servicing of the car. Regarding servicing also, at times, they get a little worried, as they want nothing less than the best for their beloved car.

Bmw Service
Bmw Service

Getting BMW serviced at a local garage is wrong or right

  • Many owners feel that it is quite risky to get BMW serviced at a local garage. Main reason for it is that they feel the mechanics working in the local garage are novice. They are not trained for the cars as luxurious as BMW. Nevertheless, you can be a bit wrong here. Not every mechanic working in the local garages are novice. Some of them are well-trained and knowledgeable technicians, who know their job even if the car is BMW. You can easily trust such mechanics with your car.
  • Another benefit of hiring these mechanics for your beloved car is that you can get the work done in front of your eyes. Hence, you will not feel the anxiety of sending the car away from you to the dealer from whom you have purchased the car.
  • People also have a myth regarding the warranty and guarantee of the various parts of the car. They feel that the warranty is valid only when the dealer himself does the replacement or repair. However, it is wrong. According to EC Block Exemption Act, warranty on various spare parts of the car is valid everywhere. It doesn’t matter from where you get the work done. You will get the same benefits, as you would get the work done by the dealer.
  • The best part is that your BMW service will be done at much less cost at the local garages, as compared to what you would have paid to the authorized dealer. There is no denial of the fact that these company-authorized workshops are over expensive and can make a hole in your pocket.

Factors to consider while searching the right local garage for your BMW!

  • It is very important to look for few things before handing over your car to any local garage. First and the foremost thing is, to find out the kind of cars garage is used to do servicing. Whether they service mid size cars or large luxury cars come to them on a regular basis.
  • Another important thing to be looked is the infrastructure of the garage. It is very important, as you should know whether garage is equipped with the machines and tools that can be required during the servicing.
  • Third factor to consider is the money you will be paying to them. Authorized dealers have fixed price for every servicing activity. At local garages, these charges are negotiable but in the end, you should get worth of your money.
Bmw Service
Bmw Service

Many BMW service packages can act as a guide for the servicing of the vehicle. These packages are valid for five years or sixty thousand miles, whatever your car achieves first. These packages are not only comprehensive and helpful but they are also inflation proof, as you have made the entire payment in advance. They cover the servicing of the entire vehicle.


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