The Varied and Diverse Uses of Plastic Sheets

Plastic sheets have become such an important and useful item of daily usage in any place, any industry, any kind of work, that urban life without this material is unimaginable. You may not be aware of, or conscious of, but you are using things made with plastic sheeting, or plastic sheets one way or the other while going through most of your daily activities.

Plastic Sheet.jpg
Plastic Sheets

Use of Plastic Sheets in A Household

There are so many things in a house which are decorated and protected with plastic sheets. You lay plastic sheet made table covers on your dining table to protect the table top,. You also use plastic sheets to put a coat or cover over the dressing table or tops of cabinet, so that dust and moisture does not affect the furniture. In this way knowingly or unknowingly you are using plastic sheets in items in your daily life. Even urban furniture are made of plastic sheets in whole, like zippered plastic cabinets which can be hung at any convenient location.

Many households use clear or opaque plastic sheet curtains to control temperature in a room, block the gust of warm or cold air from a direction, and to create partitions in a space.  If you carefully look at the toys your child is using, you will find many of them lined with plastic sheets for durability and protection. In fact you seal many food and vegetable in cooked and raw form with plastic sheets, to seal and protect the freshness for long.

Use of Plastic Sheets In Shops And Stores

Shops and stores in hot areas use thick plastic sheets as curtains to create a temperature barrier so that they may run an air conditioner within. Goods, consumer durables, cosmetic and toiletries, food items, garments and every kind of item are stored in plastic sheet made wrapper, bags etc, so that their color, texture and quality is maintained. Plastic sheets protect the items inside from direct heat, moisture, grease, dirt, and dust. In fact, an item covered in plastic sheet can stay in the best form for long period until the plastic sheet is ruptured or removed.

Plastic Sheets.jpg
Plastic sheet

Use in Logistics And Elsewhere

Packers and moves use plastic sheets to form a coat of protection around goods. Many items are packed with plastic sheets to protect them from moisture and dust mainly, and next is a total all round protection from elements of nature.

Other small and big items where you often find them used are photo frames, albums, laminations of documents, book covers and copybook jackets, and in commercial and home fit outs, in shelves and trays, etc.

Use In Medicine

The use of plastic sheets is quite prominent in medicine. Many small and big sized medical items, medicines, injection syringes, and other equipments are protected hygienically and also from moisture and heat, sun exposure etc., by sealing them air tight in plastic sheets.


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