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How to Plan a Home Installation of Data Cables?

Data cable installation for the home can be done for several purposes. If you want to connect the computer with internet connections then you need to install some data cable with the computer device. Apart from that, telephone connections, Wi-Fi connections, and television connections are also done in the same manner. While wireless and wired networks, both have their own sets of pros and cons, there are a dedicated bunch of home network users, who would love to stick to their wired network connectivity for advantages like:

Installation Of Data Cable
Installation of Data Cables
  • Zero interference from other networks or signals
  • Stronger connectivity between computers
  • No chances of data being stolen or hacked by getting into the WiFi space
  • Easy detection of problem and solutions the whole connection being hardwired

Now when you have decided to convert your WiFi setup into a wired data cable setup or want a completely new installation of data cables, then you must check a few of these things in your home. This will help you plan the data cabling installation better, considering the issues you will have to handle in future.

How Many Rooms Do You Need To Be Wired?

Decide how many rooms you want to get wired. But doing the wiring for one room now, and another after a few months may not be a wise idea. Instead, if you believe that you may need connectivity in some rooms, finalized the need, and get it done together while wiring the whole house. So the data cable installation company can easily connect with several rooms and install the cable within your room premises in a proper manner.

Data Cables
Data Cables

How Would You Install Data Cable In Your Home Without Any Interference?

  • The number of ports required: Now when you are to decide this, keep into account all the media players, gaming consoles etc that you will be playing along with the TV and computer etc. Therefore if you see that you need 2 connections keep one extra and make room for 3. In this way, you will have to make a list of how many ports you need in each room.
  • Locate the point of distribution: You need to choose a point from where the lines may get split. Often this point or room needs to be a no disturbance area. Here you will split the lines, and in case of issues, you will come here to look for a problem. Sometimes the cable modem gets the best signal in a particular area of the house, and it’s wise to keep the modem there, and split all necessary lines from that point.
  • Path of cabling: Cables can be distributed through the house by either wall casing, or under-carpet wiring or through concealing wiring. Choices are many, and the cost and difficulty levels will vary based on the route taken. Whatever path you decide, consider keeping cable lengths less than 100 meters in case of a big house for the best data speed. If you intend to do some path cabling then you may need to install some additional attachments for the casing on the wall. So you need to decide accordingly and you can contact the cable installation companies for more details.
  • Data speed: Data connectivity speed depends on the quality of the cable and you must ensure the best quality cable for your data connections.

If you plan to do it on your own, you will have totally the tools and see you have all in stock or not. Else you may have to talk to an Ethernet wiring specialist to carry on the cable installation work in a professional manner. They will check the connectivity and they will connect the devices after the cable installation.


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