Some Basic Tips for Maintenance of a Luxurious Car

It is very exciting and rewarding to buy and drive a luxurious car like Subaru.  Regular maintenance is very important if you wish to see the car always like a new one.  In order help you in that, there is always some onsite service centers, who has the team of experienced Subaru services, and are devoted to helping you so that the one can enjoy the long lasting and satisfying relationship. By servicing the car on time, keeps the car running smoothly.  It also helps to increase the value of the car, improves the mileage, also helps to save the time.

Subaru Services

Some Suggestion and Tips to Maintain the Subaru Car are Given Below.

  • Belts: Check the belts of the car for missing pieces and crack when the engine is off.  Press down the belt with help of your thumb to check its tightness. Belt needs tightening if it shows laxity of half an inch or more than it.
  • Hoses: when a car is cold, feel the cars hoses for cracks, bulges, brittleness or soft spot.  While the engine is running just look for leaks and bulges but do not touch.  If you notice any leaks or bulges, then the hose requires being replaced. Do not replace it by yourself, which requires the experienced service of a Subaru specialist because its pressurized gasses can be dangerous and could result in serious injury.
  • Coolant:  Check the coolant level by watching the overflow tank in the radiator.  By maintaining a 50/50 mixture of antifreeze, would help to keep the engine cool at the time of hot weather, and also avoid damages when the temperature falls. Remove radiator cap when the engine is turned off and cool.
  • Oil: Depending on the driving conditions of the car, change the oil and filter as recommended in the owner’s manual also use the suggested oil grade.
  • Power steering fluid:  For checking the power steering fluid level, just pull out the dipstick and wipe it to clean and then insert it in the oil tank.  After this process, pulls it again to check the level.  If it is not in the range then refill it up to the upper mark of level as suggested.  Always contact a Subaru specialist if the fluid level is too low or when fluid needs to be replaced.
  • Brake fluid:  Examine the level of brake fluid on the outside of a tank by using the lines given on the reservoir.  If the level is below minimum, then add brake fluid to bring it to the maximum level.  Always use sealed container.  A significant drop in the fluid can be noticed when leakage happens. Remember that brake fluid easily absorbs moisture from air and such absorptions of moisture can affect the performance of braking.
  • Air filter:  Damage of air filter depends on the situation of roads travelled by car, and hence needs to be routinely checked for removal of accumulated debris.
  • Battery: Regular checking of battery terminal is also very important.  It is better to remove any type of corrosion with the help of toothbrush and mixture of water and baking soda.

Once in a month, the tire pressure also needs to be checked. Always use the tires suggested by the manufacturer. Also ensure checking of the car’s windshield, wipers, lights, and horns.

Subaru Specialist

Is maintenance Expensive?

Compared to domestic brands, Subaru car services are costlier. As there is less Subaru in the market, it is difficult to find a good Subaru specialists who are familiar with all types of models.  It obviously means that the owner has to pay more. If the car service is in your area and you know the specialist personally, who knows how to fix the problem, and then you might save some money. Subaru engines are prone to the failure of the head gasket and also catalytic convert or that can cost a lot of money to replace it.

So, those were some of the vital tips for maintenance of a luxurious car.

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