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Gate Automation – The Best Way to Open and Close your Gates

If you want to control the gate of your home from a distance and open and close it using a remote control, then you must make use of the gate automation system.

automated gates for home.jpg
Gate Automation for home

The Important Features to Look For

Upon deciding to go for the gate automation system, one must always try to procure the one that has a powerful motor which would help in carrying out the desired processes of the opening and closing of the gate.  This however, does not mean that the motor can remain hanging in full visibility. The motor should remain discreet and should not look any less than elegant after the installation process is completed. The motor that comes with the system should be present in pair to provide enough power to the gates.

The Gate Controls

One must select the gate controls of the automation kits with care because they are the only way through which one can control the gate.  There are generally two handsets provided with the system and a pair of safety photocells also comes along with many other parts of this system.

The material of the motor is of great importance as it will determine its durability. Generally, the most common and successful material used in automatic gate is aluminum. This material keeps the motor light weight and also protects the whole mechanism from rust and other related issues.

There are many types of gate automation kits available in the market such as

  • Above the ground gate kits
  • Underground gate kits
  • Sliding kits
gate automation for home.jpg
Automated Gates

Advantages of Gate Automation

There are many more types of kits available and you can choose the one that suits your need the best.

The remote control facility that comes with the automated gates helps you to control the opening and closing of the gates from a distance.  Having the automated system fixed to your gate ensures that you do not have to get out of the car to open and close the gates.  One can also save the cost of appointing guard to open or close gates.  The automated gates also make sure that you remain safe from the unwanted intrusion of any kind in your premises at least through the gates. The automated system in a way acts a guard that keeps an eye on every one who goes in or out of the gates.

The garage doors are the most difficult to manage because you have to sop the vehicle, come out of it, park the car and then again after the car is parked you need to close the garage door. This is time consuming.  It would be all the more tedious for people who have their main door away from the house.  In such cases, people have to wait outside the gate, till somebody opens it after verification.

All these hassles can be overcome with the help of the gate automation kits. Customized kits are available for almost all types of gates and they help to make your life simpler than ever before. This will also add another layer of safety as the gates open only when you allow it to open using the remote control of the automation system.  Thus, if you want to save time and energy, you must get your gates fitted with the automation kit.


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