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How to Transform Your Home with Epoxy Flooring

Epoxy Flooring.jpg
Epoxy Flooring

Epoxy represents a group of materials and how those materials work. When all these materials are mixed together the chemicals become hardened and become a tough plastic material. Finally, it is strong and durable that bonds amazingly well with the base layers.

Residential epoxy floors are very unique and appealing. It goes well with flooring options like tile, wood and carpet. It gives your home an expensive look though it is affordable.  If you are thinking that the flooring of your home’s basement is boring and not so happening, if you want to enjoy cooking with a makeover to your kitchen flooring and if you want to make people just fall in love with your house flooring, all that you need to do is, just opt and know all for stylish epoxy flooring.

Flooring is a very important aspect of your home and cannot be neglected. Many people tend to do it and concentrate more on the choice of colors on the wall, but the design and appearance on the flooring of your house can be truly jaw dropping if you choose to install epoxy flooring. It can be attractive and so much fun. It is always important to get someone who has the knowledge on epoxy flooring to do the job. There are companies that can give you trustworthy skilled men to do the job. You can also add metallic speckles to the epoxy coating and make the floor look even more gorgeous. There are different types of epoxy flooring.

Epoxy Floor.jpg
Epoxy Floor Coating

Mentioned Below Are Few Types Of Epoxy Flooring Options To Make Your Home Even More Beautiful

  • Self-Leveling Epoxy Floors: These epoxy flooring can be done on old floors, damaged or cracked floors. It creates a durable, smooth floor and the maintenance is also not too much. Self leveling epoxy floors are available in different colors. One can denote patterns, decorative designs too. These types of epoxy floors can be used not just in homes but also at showrooms, athletic facilities, warehouses and more.
  • Quartz-Filled Epoxy Floors: Quartz epoxy flooring system is the combination of epoxy polymer resin with colored quartz grains. If you wish to have a multi functional floor which is slip resistant and highly durable, you can go for this one.
  • Epoxy Mortar Floor: This is the strongest, toughest epoxy floor that is available so far. These are made with graded sand or quartz. Since these floors are chemical resistant and leave high impact, it can also be used to repair old floors.
  • Epoxy Flake Floors: To create colored, multi hued floors, epoxy flake floors are used. Flake floor systems are made when colored chips or flakes are placed within the epoxy to create vibrant, multi-hued, seamless, resilient surfaces. The flakes are available in a variety of colors, styles, textures, and sizes and can be mixed into the combination of your choice.
  • Anti-Static Epoxy Floors: These floors are also called as ESD Resistant Floors. These floors can be very dangerous if precautions are not taken. Anti-static epoxy flooring helps to reduce static hazards. This flooring system typically contains a conductive material that accumulates static electricity to drain, ground, or dissipate any potential discharge. It’s highly recommended in environments that contain flammable materials.

Epoxy flooring is a unique solution because it’s not only incredibly practical, but the materials used in it make it flexible for almost endless applications. Whether you need to make a beautiful entrance to your hotel lobby, or create a fire-proof warehouse floor, there’s an epoxy system for you. It’s to transform your home décor with epoxy flooring across your house.


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