What are Stainless Steel Sheets and How to Choose Them?

Nowadays, stainless steel has become so popular in the construction industry that hardly any projects can be completed without its use. Stainless steel is available in many forms such as angles, bars, and stainless steel sheets. These are highly resistant to corrosion and have better stability and strength than any other metal. It also gives a better finish and is used in making decorative items. Stainless steel is now known as a better and improved alternative to steel.

Variety of Choices Available

Stainless steel sheets are by far the most popular version of this metal which is used both in the exteriors and interiors of buildings. It gives a great sleek look and finish and is very easy to maintain. There are dozens of designs and patterns of these sheets available in the market. They are also available in varying thickness.  One of the most common patterns used in construction is the brushed finish which is used in urban and modern structures. Satin and mirror polishes are also widely used. Apart from construction, it is also used in kitchen appliances and as counter tops. According to the purpose, the thickness of the sheets will vary. Therefore, as you can see, there are so many options available that choosing the right type of sheet has become a tough task.

Stainless Steel Sheet

Here Are Some Things To Consider In Order While Choosing The Right Type Of Steel Sheet:

  • The Finish: The choice of the finish depends completely on where it will be used. The process of introducing various finishes, to rolls of stainless steel sheets, is an interesting one. First the sheets are cut into the right thickness and size, after which a process of annealing and pickling takes place. After this, the sheets are passed between high rollers for the last time. Now when the pattern or finishes are applied to it, the steel sheet accepts and retains it. The brush finish is one of the most popular finishes where scratches appear on the surface running in the same direction. The mirror finish is highly reflective while the satin one has a dull glow.
  • The Grades: The two most popular grades are 316 and 304. If the sheet is to be exposed to a corrosive environment, such as near salt water, grade 316 will be a better choice. While both of these will suffer some amount of corrosion, 316 is slightly more resistant. If it is to be used in the food industry and will directly come in contact with edibles, again 316 is the preferred grade. However, if this is not so, you can save some money and choose 304. Make sure that it is not used in a surface that will come directly in contact with any kind of food product.
  • The Thickness: Commonly, stainless steel sheets are available in thickness between 0.4 mm to 2.5 mm. If you are looking for anything thinner, steel foils will be a better choice. On the other hand, if you are in search of anything thicker, stainless steel plates prove to be the best. Once you have selected the right thickness for the project, you can now get it cut to the size that you need. Generally, waterjet cutting machine or a laser cutter is used, but the former gives more precision and accuracy.

On considering these important aspects of steel sheets, you will be able to make a choice the right stainless steel sheets which are perfect for your construction or DIY project. Make sure that each of these aspects is considered in detail, because once you get it cut to your customized size, it can’t be changed or returned.


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