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Looking Into the Reasons And Resolving Drain Clogging Issues

A drainage system is a pre-requisite for both, an entire society and individual residential building for healthy and hygienic surroundings. Each and every building has its own drainage system which gets rid of the daily waste and sends it into the municipal sewage system, further connected with water treatment plants. If any of such drainage systems get clogged due to any reason, it creates a justified reason for stress among the residents of premises as it directly results into overflowing of unhygienic and smelly sewage water into the premises. At such crucial times, the only solution to the problem is to unblock and clean the blocked drains immediately, rather from any drain cleaning services or by DIY methods.

Plumber- Blocked drain

Reasons for Drain Blockages

Clogged drains are a very common problem known to every family. Clogging primarily occurs due to the accumulation of waste particles such as food particles, hairs, tissue papers and, plastics in the drainage passages. At times, the draining system may also get blocked due fractures of the pipeline, which restricts the free flow of waste particles. Blocked drains may also be the result of prolonged water flow and formation of a thick sludge coating around the surface of the pipeline that narrows the flow area. Kitchen sinks, washroom sinks and bathroom commodes are the primary areas that often are at risk for such drain blockage issues.

Resolving Blocked Drain Conditions

There are various methods that are used to deal with blocked drains. These methods are often applied either through a proper drainage cleaning service or by the household itself. Irrespective of whether blocks are handled on your own or with the help of professionals, the methods used can broadly be classified into two.

Resolving Blocked Drain Issue
  • Natural Drain Cleaning Agents: Natural solutions are these days more preferred than chemical agents as they are safer and non-hazardous for both, individuals and the environment. As kitchens and bathrooms are the primary sections that often fall into the grip of a clogged drainage problem, here are some natural methods that can help.If a sink section is clogged, simply pour at least one cup of baking soda into the drain and make sure that it flows its way down to the clogged area. Now pour down a couple of cups of hot water into the drainage and wait for 10-15 minutes. After a while, add another cup of baking soda into the drain, followed by a single cup of white, plain vinegar. Plug the drainage immediately after doing this. A sizzling and bubbling sound will be heard, indicating that the process is working correctly. As soon as the sizzling and bubbling sound disappears, add two more cups of boiling water so that the drain is flushed out properly.
  • Chemical Drain Cleaning Agents: Chemicals are often used for drains when natural options don’t work. These chemicals are commonly found at grocery stores or in the hands of professional cleaners. When chemical drain cleaners are applied directly to blocked drains, it starts dissolving grease and other accumulated particles into the pipeline. These chemical agents are also competent in eliminating odors and killing germs effectively, though they are not environment-friendly and are unsafe if they come in direct contact with skin.

Chemical products for blocked drains are available in different variants, purposely manufactured to treat different sorts of drain blockages such as kitchens and washrooms. Although it is easy to take care of drain clogging issues on your own, it takes lots of time and often painful effort to get the job done. This is why it is ideal to hire drain cleaning professionals. These professionals can resolve your home’s drainage issues with the help of proper tools and cleaning agents, without damaging the drainage systems.

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