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Versatile Uses of Aluminum Slats in Home

Aluminum is one of the most low-cost and durable materials around, making it popular for home fencing, pool fencing and even for use as external blinds around the house. You can also use it for outside gates or double doors. These aluminum slats feature or come in a variety of designs and types too. You can go for a very classic look that gives your home a vintage touch or even go for something sleeker and modish to stay updated. Here are some cool and versatile ideas that you can make use of.

Aluminum Slats


Even with basic fencing, aluminum slats add a touch of functionality and up the style quotient for these fences. You can go ahead and experiment with so many designs here. However, one of the vital factors to keep in mind here would be that you need to consider the breadth or the thickness of the slats. Since these are going to be use for outdoor security purposes, you need something that is thick and durable, and yet not too dense. With these slats you are able to easily see what’s happening outside, and although outsiders can get a view of the inside, it’s not much. Depending on the kind of slats you use, they can be slanted to your advantage to minimize the outside view.

There are multiple ways of using these aluminum slats for fencing too. Classic purposes may be to use a fence right from the bottom to the top. However, this may seem a little cold and rather boring to some people who prefer more creative options. Another ideal you can opt for is to use a brick wall with a low height and then using fencing on top. Increasing the fencing height gives you the benefit of added security and since you are also using the classic brick wall, there’s the dual advantage of added security here.

Pool Fencing

These aluminum slats are a great solution for your pool fencing as well. Considering the fact that aluminum is quite a versatile metal, it can be used along with glass too. So you can make use of these by blending in some glass balustrades and then adding the fencing on top or simply go for a lower height fence. Again, considering the fact that you have these slats, you are getting your share of privacy. However, another advantage here is that aluminum is a water-friendly material too. So getting this fence here is a safe option. Additionally, you don’t have to worry about at the fence getting knocked out or dented because they are quite durable too. Guests can lean on it without your heart racing.

Window with Aluminum Slats

External Gates or Windows

External gates or windows are another plus point of these aluminum slats. In most homes, especially where the owners travel a lot, there is always this security worry at the back of their minds. However, aluminum slats are a great way to enhance security without spoiling the look of the home. These are often used as a second door or even external blinds. As mentioned above, the water-friendly and weather-resistant aluminum is sturdy and durable. In fact, even if you are going out for a couple of hours and leaving your pet behind, these slats offer protection while allowing some sunlight and air to enter the house. In a similar way, if you’d want to leave the windows open in the night but are worried about security; these slats are a sensible option. They allow ventilation and free air passage but restrict risks of burglaries and thefts.

On the whole, these aluminum slats are a great option for your home.


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