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Get Rid Of The Clogged Drains Using The Simple Remedies

People may experience congested drains at home or at the place of work at least once in their life time. Clogged drains can be a bother as they inhibit the normal running of activities in a building or a house. The drains give out a bad odor when they get blocked and should be attended to straightaway in order to maintain a healthy environment. Plumbers are these days well equipped with new technology that makes it easier to identify the cause of the blockage. Technology also helps in unclogged the blocked drain using devices which cause minimal damage to the pipes.

Blocked Drain Cleaning

Some Of The Common Drain-Cleaning Tools That Are Used By The Plumbers At Large Include:

  • Sectional cable machines
  • Continuous cable machines
  • Hand Tools
  • Drum machines
  • Sink machines
  • Rudder machines
  • Water jetting machines
  • Cables and tools

All these types of tools are known to help the plumbing system of the building to function properly. Before knowing how to clean the blocked drains, it is important to understand the causes for drain blockage.

  • The drains of the bathroom clog owing to the existence of filth, skin flecks, and particularly hair binds to soap scum in the drain pipes. With time, this filth accrues and decreases the flow of water.
  • On the other hand, toilets are clogged due to the items such as sanitary napkins, diapers, wipes, dental floss or cotton swabs that actually do not dissolve when flushed.
  • The drains in the kitchen clog due to the presence of cooking grease or oil cake. Moreover, certain food particles and starchy foods can add to clogged drain.
  • Apart from all these drains can get blocked due to the trees and leaves. Even the roots of the trees in search of moisture move in the direction of the drain which ultimately results in blockage and sometimes also cause cracks on the pipes.
Blocked Drain

Mentioned Below Are Some Of The Simple Remedies That Can Help In Unclogging Blocked Drains:

  • Pouring hot water, in fact boiling water, slowly down the drain is the easiest way to unclog the drain
  • Pouring caustic soda mixed with water and leaving it for half an hour can clean the drain
  • Using the plumber’s tools such as drain snake can clean up the drain, if used properly
  • Mixing baking soda, salt and boiling water and pouring into the drain can dissolve some of the worst blockages
  • Using a wet and dry vacuum cleaner to unclog the drain can be a brilliant idea
  • Using drain cleaning powder or solution that are readily available in the market can prove to be beneficial in unclogging the drain

However, in spite of using all these remedies, if the drain still appears to be blocked, then it is better to contact a plumber as in such circumstances only a professional can help.

With the advancements in technology, plumbers can now get a more precise diagnosis of plumbing problems and give solutions appropriately. For instance, drain cameras are a great way by which the plumber can identify the cause of the blockage. The camera is sent down in the drain and the plumber is able to view from a monitor the reason for the blockage. This helps them to clean the blocked drains in a more efficient way. In addition to recognizing the cause of the blockage, the plumber is also able to see the condition of the pipes.

Thus, advance technologies have made the work of the plumbers much easier as well as effective. So, get rid of the blocked drains either by using the simple home remedies or by contacting a professional plumber


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