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Get the Split Air Conditioning System Installed In a Proper Way

Owing to the problem from tubing and duct work associated with installing traditional air conditioners, the split system air conditioner has become prevalent among customers now days. A split system air conditioner does not require any duct work or holes in the walls just to provide cooler air. This kind of air cooling product is now used by restaurants, educational organizations, residential buildings, office buildings, concert halls, as well as auditoriums.

Split Air Conditioning System

The split air conditioning systems consist of two distinct systems that help in distributing cool air all through the building. The first system is the cooling tower which helps to cool water before being passed on through piping. The cooling tower is mostly set up outside the house, in many cases it is on the rooftop of a house. The second system is the internal distribution system. Once water has been cooled down, it passes via a network of pipes to the air handlers which thrust the cooled air inside the house. The most essential advantage of using the split system is that all areas of the building are consistently cooled, because of the even distribution of the air.

The split system installation is usually done by a professional installer; however, a person with basic knowledge of plumbing and electrical work can get the unit installed easily. Mentioned below are some of the guidelines that would help in getting the split air conditioning unit installed:

  • In order to place the air conditioning unit, choose an unhindered location on a wall inside the house. Ensure that the site is away from direct sunlight, or where there are chances of gas leakage or where oil mists or sulphur is present. Additionally, to make the wall stronger, construct a metal or wood casing to offer support.
  • Secure the mounting plate by drilling holes into the wall at proper spots to attach the plate.
  • After this, a hole should be drilled through the wall in order to fit the piping. A flexible extension should be inserted into the hole.
  • Get the pipes connected and then fix the indoor unit by pressing the unit alongside the mounting plate.
  • Post this is done, the outdoor unit should be installed away from any severely dirty, or crowded areas. Place the condenser on top of the concrete pad and get the electrical wires connected.
  • Complete the split system installation procedure by testing all the joints and valves for leakages.
  • Finally, fix the pipe with clamps to the wall and seal the hole in the wall.

An air conditioning installation, if performed proficiently and correctly, will ensure that the system functions as it is designed. It will last as long as possible with marginal ongoing maintenance costs and no surprise expenses.

Split Air Conditioning

Many Things Need To Be Considered When Getting Split System Installation

  • The electrical engineer should ideally ensure that the proper planning of the split system is made. The AC units to be connected must complement the decor or plan of the house. This is why one kind of air cooling unit is set in one particular area while another type is installed in another part of the house.
  • Certain mistakes committed in split system installation units include fitting excessively large or excessively small units in a room without bearing in mind the area or size of the room, dimensions of windows on the wall and the overall house layout.

Thus, follow the right guidelines and if required take help of a professional to get the air conditioning unit installed properly in the house.

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