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Ramp up Safety with Glass Pool Fencing

In today’s world of luxuries, having a pool in the backyard of your house has become a norm. It is a great way to spend some quality time and have fun outdoors with your family. However, the pool could pose a huge danger, especially if you have kids and when you are not around. If your pool doesn’t have a fence and your kids are playing around it, then they could probably meet with an accident in the pool. Installing a fence around a pool has become mandatory today to ensure the safety of your family when they are spending time around it. People today have become aware of the risks involved of not having a fence around pools and have made it a point to install one. Due to this increased need, pool fencing services have also increased and are quite common these days.

Glass Pool Fencing

Are You In A Dilemma About How To Choose A Fence That Is Safe?

Glass pool fencing must meet certain standards in order to be considered as safe and these are:

  • It must not have gaps in between, that allows anyone to pass through.
  • Climbing footholds must not be present.
  • The height of the fence must be about 1.6m with a minimum ground clearance of about 100mm.
  • The fence must be very tough so that it denies a child from destroying and passing through it.

Fencing for Pools Doesn’t Cost Much

It is up to you to decide the kind of material and pricing that you would like to have for your fence. Before buying fence panels, it is better to be aware of the quality that it offers and you should also make sure that the material is of premium quality. At times the installation cost is not added to the component cost, however, this depends on the company that offers you this service. So get to know the pricing of the fence components as well as the installation cost so that you can plan accordingly.

Pool Fencing

Fences Are Available In Different Styles

Aluminum and steel fences are widely used for pool fencing as they are known to be long lasting and you would ideally expect this from a pool fence. These fences are made out of bars which are tubular in shape and which are joined by rails.

  • Flat top fences, Loop top fences and Double top fences have different types of arrangement and they come in different shapes.
  • Wire based fences is another type which is very expensive when compared to other types as it has a galvanized coating on it that helps in resisting rust formation. This makes it long-lasting and durable and thus in high demand.

Safety glass is another prominent type of material that is used for pool fencing. This glass pool fencing comes in three different styles each having its own significance. The types of safety glass panels include both framed and frameless. Semi framed style is also available. Ground panels that stay fixed to the ground to a steel channel are also available. It is a known fact that this costs higher than metal fences. Spigots and posts that hold the glass panels in this safety glass are costly and this adds to their expensiveness.

Do You Want To Install Glass Pool Fencing On Your Own?

It is possible for one to manage to install glass pool fencing on their own, provided they have the necessary tools that are required to accomplish this. To get a good quality glass pool fencing installation and to be care free, involve an expert or professional who can even give you further advice on maintaining them.


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