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How to Select a Professional Concreter for Building Homes

The use of concrete for construction purposes has been around for ages. Used in building homes, for sculptures, infrastructure and roads, concrete is around much more than you think. Its cost effectiveness, adaptability and ease of use makes it a very widely used material. There are several types of concrete in the market, and you can choose the right one for you, based on the purpose for which you plan to use it. Concretes range from light weight variants, to high density concrete, mass concrete, ready mix and polymer concrete. For commercial or residential applications, a professional concreter will be able to help you choose the right concrete for the job. Rather than opting for just anyone to do the job, choose concreter with experience so that you can have a job well done, no matter what the application is.


Do Research

Finding the right concreter takes a lot of effort, just as it does when choosing a concrete for any work. Approach local construction associations or check online for possible experts whom you can hire to handle the job. Optionally, you may choose to check with neighbors or friends or family for details of anyone whom they can vouch for, to lay out your concrete. Check on references provided and don’t go only by testimonials that you may find online. If possible, check on their past work and find out from older clients as to whether they were happy with the services rendered.

Interview the Concreter

A professional concreter will be happy to sit in with you for an interview. While you don’t have to grill him, have a list of questions you can ask to determine whether he is really what he claims he is. Check on licenses and certificates and find out whether he has the expertise to handle the job you’d like him to do. If you’d like to have a custom restoration or a unique job done, use the interview to give the concreter a glimpse of what you’d like and ask him what solutions he can come up with. The way in which he answers will give you an idea of how good he may be at his job. Also, check on whether the concreter has the ability to handle basic jobs such as those listed below:

  • The ability to mix gravel sand, cement and water to make concrete.
  • Run machines, trowel and refine the concrete surface.
  • Make various surface textures by compressing, shaping and flattening the concrete with a range of hand apparatuses.
  • Make concrete paths, concrete driveways, and attractive concrete boundaries.
  • Cut concrete joints and repairs cracks caused by moving earth.
  • Pour, spread and level concrete using stencils and screeds.
  • Erect concrete form work and lay steel reinforcing.

While the ability to do all of this is not always mandatory, the more your concreter’s skills are, the more proficient he will be to handle your requirement.

Professional Concreter

Compare Prices

Prices for concrete work vary depending on the type of work to be done and the experience of the concreter whose services you’re considering. Additionally, the type of concrete you use and the difficulty of application also have a bearing on how much you will need to pay. Compare the prices of different professionals and compare their services too. This will help you find out the right concreter for the job, and to get the job done at a good price without compromising on quality.

Having finalized on the right price, get your agreement for the project down in writing so that you and the concreter know what is required. Your concrete project is now all set to start, safely in the hands of the right professional.

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