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Customize Window Blinds: Add Value to Your Décor besides Ergonomics

How you dress up your window makes a difference in the decor and feel of your rooms. There is no lack of choices when it comes to window blinds. Before you rush off to buy a set of blinds for your windows you can stop to consider the types available and pick one that suits.

Window Blinds

Types of Blinds To Consider

You can divide window blinds into two main categories. One is the popular horizontal type also known as Venetian blinds. The other is vertical blind for windows. There is yet another category, the roller blind. Blinds usually have slats that can be moved into position to block out light and air and the angle of the slats can be adjusted. On the other hand the roller blinds have fabric or synthetic sheet that can be rolled up or down as desired.  In addition to these common types you also have other choices:

  • Pleated shades are made of fabric with a draw string that will fold the material up or down.
  • Roman blinds are more or less similar to roller blinds but confer a decidedly exotic look to interiors.

Material of Blinds

Modern blinds are made from a variety of materials. Wood remains popular to confer a nice, warm and cozy look to interiors. Venetian blinds that are used in the homes and offices are made of high tensile thin aluminum slats that are lightweight and they add a touch of exotic style. You can just as well select blinds made of a variety of plastics or opt for traditional bamboo. When you opt for custom window blinds, the type of material does influence cost and the looks you will achieve. Selection of blinds should be based on a few criteria:

  • Whether there is sufficient gap between the wall and sill to allow installation of the blinds inside;
  • The width of the gap will determine with width of the slats
  • You may want blinds to fill the window gap or you can consider a floor length vertical type blind that brings its own style to the décor.
Window Blinds in Home

Customizing Blinds

Now that you have the basic idea about types of window blinds and the setting into which they are to be fitted you can go ahead with customizing them. There are various factors to consider.

  • If you wish to block sunlight completely then you need to go for wide slats that will overlap each other.
  • A precise fit to ensure that there are no gaps in the sides. Look for a supplier who will cut and prepare the blind according to your measurements.
  • Consider the presence of children and pets and select a robust construction. Cordless blinds are to be preferred in such cases.
  • Color choice is up to you. You can pick powder coated aluminum or uPVC with inbuilt color. If you choose wood then you can opt for painted wood or a natural lacquer to bring out the grain.
  • Lastly, pick the blind type to suit the room: roman for the living room and bedroom and faux wood or PVC Venetian style for bathrooms and so on.

Taking It a Step Further With Mechanization

Just visualize yourself relaxing in the bed or on the couch. You have to get up if they are the normal type. Mechanizing should be a part of the customization process since it will allow you to use a remote control or your smartphone to adjust the slat inclination or to draw up the blinds or draw them down. The automatic blinds can be battery powered by the mains supply. You will find it a pleasure to use, especially if blinds are installed on windows at a height.


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