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Why Need To Install Screen Doors for Home

To complement or enhance your home’s existing main entrance door, consider opting for a screen door. Typically installed in front of your existing doors, screen doors add to your home’s security while providing you with additional functionalities. They are easy to install and come in a wide range of colors and materials so that it blends in well with your home. Adding a screen door to your home increases its value in the long term, if you plan on selling your home in the future. With prices ranging from relatively modest to the more expensive ones, you can get customized doors installed professionally, based on your requirements.

Screen Doors

Why Choose Screen Doors

Your family and property benefit when you choose screen doors for your home. Consider, for awhile, some of these benefits.

  • If you choose to install a security screen door, you get additional security features for your home apart from the benefits of traditional screen doors.
  • The screen door can help in protecting the exterior door from unnecessary stains, fading of paint and keeps your home free from dirt and dust.
  • It helps to keep the room cooler during hot summer months since it allows open air circulation while filtering out dust.
  • Screen doors are easily to install and can be done even without the help of a professional, depending on the door you’ve chosen.
  • These doors come with a wide range of features such as external keyboarded combination lock, tamper resilient hinges, break-proof security glass and multi-point padlocking systems.
  • Screen doors allow natural light to come in, thus reducing your utility bills.
  • A fly screen door can protect you from insects and pests, especially during summer.
  • These doors can be repaired easily and cost far less than glass or metal door repairs.
  • These doors come in different patterns and styles, ranging from old-fashioned swinging units, to sliding doors and retractable screens. Old-fashioned swinging units fit straight into outer door gridlocks and open centrifugally. Since they are useful and simple, they are typically used for back and side doors. However, depending on the pattern of this unit, it may perfectly match a front door entrance. Sliding doors make an excellent option for patio entrances with an exterior side-sliding track, while retractable models are popular choices for front doors because they work similar to a tug down screen. These screens can be tugged down to let in fresh air, and then spooled back up when done.

Your screen doors can be made out of wood, metal, or fiberglass. The door may feature a half-length or full-length glass panel that can be substituted with a screen when required, a retractable screen that reels up into the door when not in use, or glass panels that can be rotated to uncover screens and provide ventilation.

Screen Doors in Home

Shoppers often get confused when buying a screen doors since there are so many in the market and it’s quite easy to mix them up with other variants. Some even mix up storm doors with these doors. To choose the right door, it is important to understand the difference between the two. Unlike a storm door, a screen door is usually not made from heavy steel and does not contain multiple locks. Moreover, a screen door is designed to keep insects out and to provide a good view outside. On the other hand, a storm door is purely known to provide protection against intruders and from extreme weather conditions.

Today, both these types of have been combined to give your home protection against intruders, to prevent pests and insects from coming in, and to help you add more functionality to your home while adding to its appearance. Take your choose of screen doors with professional help and start transforming your home.

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