What Are the Various Types of Air Conditioners System?

Air conditioners remove the heat and humidity and make the interior environment more comfortable. These air conditioners work similar to the refrigeration system or some may even work based on evaporation or free cooling or even based on desiccants.


Types of AC Systems

The air conditioning systems that can be installed are of different types. The reason for different types of air conditioning is based on different factors they need to be able to cater to. The factors are the total area which has to be cooled, the heat which is generated inside the area which needs to be cooled, the budget of the person and several other factors including the portability, the ability for these air conditioners to be moved from place to place especially if the owner of the Air conditioner lives at rented apartments and need to move constantly and may or may not find a window sill on which the air conditioner can fit.

  • A Window air conditioner: these are used commonly for single rooms and this consists of a single unit which comprises of the components – the evaporator, compressor, condenser, cooling coil as well as the expansion valve. This unit usually is fitted on window sills and hence it gets its name. This type of air conditioner is called as unitary air conditioning system.
  • Split air conditioners or ductless air conditioners: These ACs is made of an indoor unit as well as an outdoor unit. The indoor unit has the evaporator as well as the cooling fan and outdoor unit has the compressor, condenser and the expansion valve. These are convenient as there are no specialized slots needed in the room wall. These also take up less space than window units. These are called packaged terminal AC’s and these are used in apartments, hotels, motels etc. At the most, these split AC’s can cool two rooms.
  • Packaged air conditioners: These units are used if there are more than 2 rooms that need to be cooled in the home or the office. In this the compressor and condenser, evaporator as well as the expansion valve are placed in a box. The cool air is thrown by the blower which is a high capacity one and the flow is through the ducts which are laid through the different rooms. The alternative arrangement is the compressor as well as the condenser which are placed in a single casing and the compressed gas is then passed through different individual units. These units are made up of the cooling coil and expansion valve which are in different rooms.
  • Portable air conditioner: This is similar to the unitary air conditioning. In this the mobile air conditioning system is placed on the floor of a room. It releases the heat to the exterior using a hose vent. This is noisy but has good cooling capacity even in very hot conditions.

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