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Heating and Cooling System: Control Over Temperature Is a Boon for Us

Modern living has changed our lifestyle in a lot of ways. There was a time, when people use to cook every day and every meal, just before the lunch or dinner time, precooked food was not even a heard of phenomena. However, now all that has changed so drastically, that most people now eat precooked dinners. They just take them out of the freezer and then put them in to the microwave for a few minutes, sometimes even less than a minute, and the perfect balanced meal is ready to eat. The best part about this whole procedure is, you cook absolutely nothing and still get the benefits of a full meal, right on your kitchen table.

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How is all this possible, that so without much effort for your side?

  • To understand these changes in our daily routines, we need to look at the advancements in technology, specifically at food heating and cooling devices available now, and how have they changed over the years. What is available now, that was not present a few decades ago. To explain these changes better, let us try to approach them in a point by point manner:
  • A few decades ago, people had limited ability to freeze food, forget about keeping it frozen for week or even months. However, with the improvements and developments in cooling technology, we are now able to freeze food, not only on industrial level but also in our homes. This allows us to cook once a week or a month, and then take all that food and freeze it for later use. This is possible due to advance cooling options available in freezers
  • Similarly, a lot of progress was made on the heating front as well. Once the food is in frozen state, it is likely to stay edible for a long time. However, to eat this food, we will first have to defrost or defreeze it. It sounds like a simple process, but it used to be painstakingly slow and complicated process up until a few decades ago. Just consider people living in colder climates, where freezing food is the easy part, but bringing it back to edible state is what it difficult.
  • Considering these challenges, along with the frozen food issues faced by people, as had the ability to freeze food on industrial level, was available long before it was available to the common people. The scientists and the engineers tried to find a solution. This solution came to light in the form or microwaves or devices based in microwaves, which can defrost or defreeze food items without any hassle. This was made possible because of the advancements in the heating technology.

These were some of the differences that advancement in heating and cooling has brought to our culinary efforts.

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Heating and Cooling also help us in reducing food wastage:

With a rapid increase in population, the demand of food also increased. Unfortunately, the growth has not increased as rapidly over the years as the demand. In such a condition, it becomes imperative that we conserve available food, by reducing wastage. This was made possible by cooling warehouses, generally known as food cold storages or cold houses, that can store untold amounts of food in a cold and safe environment. This food can be kept safe for long term use, long after their natural life cycle.

Similarly, by using a simple heating and instant cooling technique, a lot of food items could be preserved for a long time by this method. This is not only used for industrial production and conservation units, but in homes. All this and lot more, was made possible because of the development in temperature control advancements.


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