What Are the Different Types of Commercial Air Conditioners?

Air conditioning comes in various types. There are the window A/c, the split A/c as well as the portable A/c which are meant for smaller spaces, individual rooms or at the maximum of 2 rooms. There are also mini split systems where air conditioning can be provided to a few rooms of the building. These are called ductless air conditioners. These can be used for few rooms of the building. The multizone ones can support even 8 rooms or zones. There are different kinds of multizone air conditioner types. They are wall mounted, ceiling recessed, ceiling mounted as well as horizontal ducted.

However, for large commercial air conditioning space cooling as well as whole house cooling central air conditioning is the best option. These use multi-zone temperature controls so that the temperature in each zone can be controlled as per the occupants of the room. These are done by air-louver control boxes.

When central heating is there, the heat exchanger is placed inside the central furnace or a/c unit of the system which is responsible for forced air heating. This is used in summer for chilled air to be distributed.

Commercial Central Air Conditioning

Types of Commercial Air Conditioning 

  • Single Split Systems: These are the most affordable for small commercial buildings. They heat and cool individual rooms and either can be used in combination so that larger areas can be served. The downside however to these air conditioning systems is that it occupies a lot of external space and every outdoor unit is needed for each indoor unit.
  • VRF Systems or VRV Systems: This stand for variable refrigerant flow and the VRV represents the variable refrigerant volume. These are the best solution in case of medium as well as large applications and are used in retail spaces, hotels, larger offices as well as big buildings like malls, theatres etc.These are efficient, easy to control, reliable and can meet the needs of the large buildings. The installation times are reduced and so is the disruption. These come in two varieties. The heat pump systems provide either heating or cooling and make them ideal for areas which have open areas. The heat recovery systems provide simultaneous heating as well as cooling to different areas simultaneously and so they are perfect for buildings which have many individual rooms.
  • Multi split systems: These works like single splits and a single outdoor unit can be connected to up to nine indoor units. These are used for surgeries, shops, offices and restaurants. These are especially helpful when there is a lack of external space and the external appearance of the building needs to be preserved. This also has another advantage that you can use different types of indoor units and you can combine any kind of wall as well as ceiling mounted units of air-conditioning and have an air curtain above the entrance. However, these systems are complex and they require a lot of more pipe work than individual single splits require. This makes the installation of AC expensive and it takes longer to install than individual units.
Commercial Split Air Conditioner

The reason why there are so many different types of commercial air conditioning systems is that it depends on not only the location of the building but also the climatic conditions of the area, the size of the building as well as the number of individual rooms and large open areas.

Based on the various type of commercial air conditioning not only does the unit price differ but also the time for installation varies vastly and so does the energy consumption. The newer commercial units are more energy efficient than the older models and are more long lasting as well.


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