Why Acrylic Rods Are Good For Use

You may consider using acrylic rods if you are thinking of installing some bathroom fittings to hang cloths, or thinking of installing display signage, etc. The rising demand for acrylic bars and rods in such items like towel bars, point of purchase displays, aquariums, props in show cabinets etc., has strong reasons. It is the strength and durability of acrylic as a material and advantages of it over glass, which made it popular over the years. Now acrylic bars and rods are available in wholesale which many businesses buy, resize, and sell with custom orders, or make durable items with them.

Acrylic Rod.jpg
Acrylic Rod

How Do The Acrylic Rods Look Like?

Acrylic looks like glass crystal. Hence the acrylic rods look like they are made of glass, but are actually made of plastic. Acrylic is also called plexiglass, and is available in clear transparent form and colored form.

Understanding Acrylic Structure Chemically

Acrylic rods are made of acrylic which is a chain polymer of polymethyl methacrylate, and is a thermoplastic resin. Hence it has great weight to strength ratio, and is a great alternative for glass for its amazing strength, capability to transmit light, and moisture resistance. Since modern day acrylic rods are made of modified PMMA, these are highly scratch resistant, and resistant to daily wear and tear.

The Differences and Advantages Of Acrylic Over Glass

Although acrylic looks similar to crystal or glass, the properties of the material are quite different than glass.

  • It can dissipate light like glass when made in transparent form.
  • Stronger than glass, and does not break easily. In fact acrylic can be cut into shapes from sheets, and also can be drilled and sawed unlike glass.
  • Clear Acrylic exhibits total clarity like glass
  • Acrylic is not destroyed by weathering and sun. Hence its transparency and clarity, color and shape is fully maintained irrespective of sun and heat exposure in standard conditions.
  • Temperature and humidity variations have no effect on acrylic. The material does not expand or shrink with temperature variations or humidity. Rather it is preferred over glass as a thermal insulator for being 20 times better.
  • Acrylic is 10 times stronger than glass while being just half the weight.
  • Acrylic can be colored to get interesting combinations for sculpting, structure making, interior designing, product designing and other decorations.
  • Acrylic rods and sheets can be resized and reshaped in any custom preference, and hence this is good to work with in interior decorations and the making of many consumer durables, light fittings, bars and racks, display cabinets, signage, etc.

Clear acrylic rods are available in varying thickness and girth, the minimum being 1/4 inches and the highest diameter being 6 inches.

Acrylic Rods.jpg
Acrylic Rods

Variations Available In Acrylic Rod Styles

Just like the various forms of glass rods, acrylics rods can come in many styles and variations for giving the design and décor various looks. Some of the more commonly used ones are:

  • Transparent rods
  • Fluorescent rods
  • Colored rods
  • Non glare acrylic rods
  • Mirror style rods
  • Clear polycarbonate rods
  • Grey polycarbonate rods
  • Frosted style rods

You may buy any style you like. There are many standard size, shape, and color sheets and pipes, , or buy a bunch of big acrylic rods or sheets to resize as per your choice and customize them to suit your needs.

If you are considering some new fittings in your home, shop or office, do look for options in acrylic. Fittings and durables made with acrylic rods are strong and good looking with light passage capacity, making the item look big and more attractive than conventional alternatives.


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