What Are the Different Kinds of Oticon Hearing Aids?

There are various kinds of hearing aids which are offered by Oticon. Each of them suits a different type and class of people. There are those that are designed keeping children in mind, there are some for those with severe hearing loss and some for those in the medium to severe range of hearing loss. Here are the different options offered by Oticon.

Oticon is a hearing instrument which is relatively new. With this hearing aid you can listen to several speakers in environments that are noisy and you can focus on what you find important as well as switch your attention as well.

Oticon Hearing Aid

The traditional hearing aids in comparison isolate just one speaker and the others are all suppressed. Oticon Open however gives you access to different speakers while yet reducing the noise.

  • Alta2: This is referred to as the next generation brain hearing. In this the brain is given everything that it needs to make sense of sound. In this the listening experience is made more natural and effortless. This is good for the people who suffer from hearing loss accompanied by tinnitus. This gives the user relief and is used as part of the treatment for tinnitus.
  • Nera2: This is considered as an advanced hearing device for mid-level. IT allows the brain receive more details of what it needs so that the listening experience is natural. This also supports a feature that helps patients with tinnitus. Ria2 is similar and it uses brain hearing technology. Therefore, there is more natural hearing which is supported. This helps people with tinnitus as well.
  • Connect line and steamer pro: This is used to stream the mobile, phone calls, music, computer video chats, TV, podcasts, presentations and live performances into the hearing aid using streamer Pro. All this the user can control using the iPhone and using the Connect line app for iPhone. It is free of cost. The Connect line is used and designed such that the wearers can be connected with information, data and entertainment. It works with all types of Oticon hearing devices which are wireless. This also has an in-the-ear style and it has the receiver-in-the-ear models which are there.
  • Oticon Dyamo: This is a superior and more sophisticated option and it helps people with severe and profound loss of hearing. This has extra power and it also has authentic sound quality and it has clarity of sound.
  • Oticon Sensei: It consists of a small bud or it consists of an earpiece which is individually moulded. This holds the loudspeaker. It provides natural sound quality and it is very clear. This uses the minify receiver line and it supports soft domes. This comes in various colors.
  • Oticon Sensei Super Power: It is the smallest hearing aid size and it provides the best power performance. It also has the clearest signals which are loud. This is specially meant for children as it comes in a variety of colors.

These devices are either in the ear or they are behind the ear and they help with users who face different levels of hearing loss – ranging from mild too severe. These are very discreet and it matches the hair as well as skin tone or you can get them in whatever color you want. There are various styles and different choices of hearing aid which are offered.

Oticon also has a fitting as well as counseling tool. This allows the professional to provide good quality fittings hearing aid to each individual. The fittings are high precision ones and this increases the acceptance levels of the user and decreases the need for fine tuning.


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