The New Kind of Socks Keeping from Slipping

In cold winter months, people like to sit on a sofa in their living rooms, covered under the blankets, and with a fire burning in the fireplace. This kind of relaxed and peaceful evening can be the best way to spend your free time. However, it can turn in to a painful evening, if you don’t take some simple precautions, like wear the right socks. To explain this better, let us say, that you are wrapped in a blanket, when someone calls you and in your hurry to get up and out of the blanket, you forget about your socks. The moment you stepped on your shiny floor, you may slip and fall, if you are not careful.

Most people prefer to wear socks in winter, even when they are indoors. It is imperative to remember the kind of floor you are walking on, while in these slippery socks. It has been a problem for centuries, or ever since the clean polished floors were invented. The woolen socks provide very less amount of friction between a person’s foot and the floor. You must have noticed that even when you are careful in walking, you still might slip to some degree, if not completely to land flat out on your back.

Non Slip Socks.jpg
Non Slip Socks

To solve this problem, fashion industry and life style stores came up with a new kind of material, that was used to make a product called non slip socks. These socks have a griping at the sole, which is generally a rubbery material, which prevents you from slipping on the smooth surface or any other kind of floor. In other words, the rubber at the bottom of the sole gives you a grip, which allows you to stay on your feet and not slip easily.

However, while selecting these improved grips non slip socks, you need to pick with a little care, as there are a lot of options available in the market, but not all are as effective as you would like them to be. To give you a better understanding, we put together a few points for your perusal:

  • The first thing you should check on the label, is who has tested and approved the sock you are going to wear. It is very important to get the authentic product
  • There are certain mandatory safety standards set for these socks, you should try to find out, if your product meets those standards
  • These non-slip socks are supposed to offer you improved performance
  • Given they have partial rubber sole, they also provide improved insulation from cold and better hygiene for your feet
  • Some of these socks have rubber dots at the bottom instead of a rubber sole
  • Though, you will have to check the quality, as the dots may fall off, if they are not attached properly. They should be able to withstand the high laundering temperatures
  • The next thing is the cotton percentage. It is imperative that you check this and match it with industry standards (93% to 95%). This factor is responsible for managing the breathability of the material
  • It should also have a proper elasticity, to accommodate other things like stocking etc.
  • The best non slip socks are generally latex free.
  • The heal should be fitted well.
  • They also have extra-cushion for better grip and foot sensations

It makes a great gift for your grandma this Christman season. These kinds of socks are for everyone, be it a patient who is fighting against the swollen feet or a regular healthy person, just looking for some better grip on the slippery floors.

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