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Top Easy Plumbing Works and Their Maintenance Tips

Hiring a plumber to do your job can be a costly affair, plus you may not like to depend on other people to do your job.

Though getting to do all the plumbing can look like a tough thing to do and you may lose hope. But worry not, here are some really easy DIY plumbing jobs you can do on your own.

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Plumbing Works

Unclogging a drain

The drain can be unclogged by several methods.

  • You may start by using a plunger and plunge the stuff out. It works quite well.
  • Or if the clog is too stubborn you may depend on upon some drain cleaning tools that you can find easily in the market. Find the tool that will fit within the diameter of your pipe. Learn how to operate the tool by reading the instructions and start with the unclogging process.
  • Further if the problem persists, use equal amounts of vinegar and baking soda to create a mix. Run it down your clog and wait for some time. Run over with hot water.

Repairing a faucet

Determine where the leak is coming from. If it’s coming from the end of the faucet, carry on with the steps here.

  • Stop the water supply and start by removing the faucet parts.
  • Clean the inside of the valves completely to remove any debris or other things stuck inside.
  • If the parts are really worn out, you may have to replace them completely.
  • Run the water to remove any more debris.
  • Re-assemble the faucet and check.

How to replace a toilet

Now this may sound tough but actually it’s pretty easy. You may need to have a partner to do this job.

  • Open all the joints. Start by removing all the caps and nuts. Get a wrench to get your work done. You may need to break off some nuts as well.
  • Take a cloth to stuff the drainage pipes to avoid any unwanted odors to enter your bathroom.
  • Remove the toilet and check for any signs of cracks and leaks. If you found the problem, fix it by filling in the cracks. If the cracks are quite big you may have to replace your whole toilet.
  • Replace all the old joints if they are too old and rusty. As they may lead to any future leaks.
  • Re-assemble your toilet.

Leaky joints

If the pipe joints are leaking, then follow these steps.

  • Joints that use threaded pipes often start to leak. Open the joints and start wrapping thread around it. Cover it over by using Teflon tape.
  • In compression type joints, you may have to lubricate the joint area in order to let the joints fit completely into one another.
  • If the areas like the base of the taps are leaking, you may cover the gap using seals so that the water does not come out.

Flush toilet leaks

  • Open the water tank and start by inspecting the parts.
  • Check the tubes and ensure they have firm joints and are supplying water correctly. If not, open and reassemble them.
  • Check for the flush knob. If it’s loose it may be a sign of a leak. Tighten it or you may have to replace it altogether.

Unclogging bathtub drains

  • Open the drop stopper carefully. You may find the clog here itself. Clean it thoroughly.
  • Next, you may have to use a bent wire to do the further job as the bathtubs have L-shaped drains. Get a wire lying around or using a hanger is perfect. Just straighten it out slightly and maintain the bent angle.
  • Create a hooked end and start fishing out the stuff inside the pipe.

If you want to know about plumbing stay connect with internet for getting more and more information!

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