Everything You Should Know About Commercial Kitchens

Kitchen is a place where we cook. Similarly, a commercial kitchen is also place to cook but for commercial purposes such as a catering business or a restaurant etc. If you are looking at the article, we will assume that you may be interested in setting up a commercial kitchen for your business or want to be aware of it for any future use.

Commercial Kitchen

We will brief you on things you should know about commercial kitchen.

  • Cleanliness and safety of a commercial kitchen: Since kitchen is a place where food gets cooked and several hundred flock to eat, first and foremost attention should be paid on the hygiene factor or the health standard set by the food authority.The utensils and the cooking equipment’s, floors, walls must be absolutely clean without any trace or fungus or germs germinating anywhere near the kitchen. Apart from this, kitchen is a place where fire is used a lot to cook dishes. In order to ensure safety of the employees working in the kitchen, it is mandatory to procure Fire suppression devices and must be installed at easily accessible places so one could extinguish fire in case of any accident.That is about the cleanliness and safety. Let us now learn about the various equipment’s used in a commercial kitchen.
  • Size of the kitchen: When you are set to create a commercial kitchen, you must keep in mind the number of people you are catering to. The bigger the number the larger the kitchen you will need. Do you need space for more cooking stations, are you looking at conducting cooking classes in this kitchen? If so, you will need a facility where the students are able to see what the chef demonstrates as well as a clear view for the chef to check how his students are following his instruction when they are behind the stove.
  • A heavy duty commercial range hoods: A kitchen generally is an area for smoke, vapor, odor from cooking etc. A heavy duty commercial range hood must be incorporated in a commercial kitchen so; it can suck out any airborne smell or vapor to keep the inside of the restaurant free from cooking odors.
  • Heavy duty cooking station or stove and other equipment’s: This is again in correlation with the size of the kitchen and the number of people you will serve. You will need more cooking stations if you are catering to more people.
  • Commercial sink: Most popular commercial sink is a stainless steel sink, mostly because of the durability and easy to maintain nature. These are required in any commercial kitchen, bar, etc. These sinks should be of high quality. Purchase one which is made of 18-gauge steel. It must have enough space for cleaning vessels, washing hands, other equipment’s etc. These sinks are quite expensive but are available as ready to use equipment along with a faucet for spraying water. The edges are rounded so that no one is hurt.
  • Cooking equipment’s: This entirely depends on the cuisine you have chosen and the specialty you plan to cater to your customers. You will have to procure equipment’s be it for baking, grilling, boiling, cooking, barbeque etc.

You can ensure a long life for this equipment by ensuring that you don’t use, bleach, acid or other harmful chemicals on it. It must be cleaned regularly with soap water and a soft cloth. Regular cleaning helps because only when you ignore the oil grease etc. it becomes tougher to clean.

These are some of the points that you could use as food for thought before planning your commercial kitchen. Set an appointment and feel free to visit commercial kitchen and get advice from the owner who runs it. We are sure you will be benefited.


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