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How to Carry On with Sliding Doors Repairs?

If you have sliding doors in your home, office and even in your conservatory, then you need to concentrate more on their repairing, servicing and on their maintenance. It is important to concentrate on the degree of dirt and dust that accumulates inside the door channels and it is also important to check the track along which the door moves. For sliding patio doors also, you need to lift them up from the bottom of the track, check and repair the angle of the track, and then carry on with the repairing process:

  • Although you need professional for sliding doors repairs, there are also ways in which you can use small tools and instruments from your home to carry on with the repairing of the doors.
  • There are different types of removable moldings that are arranged along with the sliders and these help the doors to stay safe and stuck into their original position. There are also some screws that help to keep the molding in place. You can use a paint removing solution to scrape out the paint from the head of the screw, and this can be done with the help of a utility knife. Then the screw can be extracted with the screwdriver, and then it can be pulled out.
Sliding Doors Repairs.jpg
Sliding Doors Repairs

How can the rollers be repaired when you call the professionals for sliding doors repairs?

  • At first the professionals unscrew the rollers which are fixed to the bottom of the edges of the sliding door. The roller is kept protected by a rubber gasket, which has weather-resistance qualities, and which must also be taken out along with the roller.
  • After this, the professionals who come for sliding doors repairs pull out the roller from the gasket slot form the bottom of the door.
  • As the third step, the door repairing professionals separate the roller from the gasket. Since lubricants are used inside, the gasket remains covered with oil, dust and dirt and it is greasy and slippery to touch.
  • After this, the rollers need to be cleaned with the help of a long brush, dipping them into turpentine. Wire brushes can also be used, and then the roller must be dried with a piece of soft cloth.
  • After this, the professionals apply a coating of silicone spray or lubricating oil on the rollers, to make them useful. Also, the parts of the door must be reassembled to make the space for proper door application and movement.
Sliding Doors Repairs Expert.jpg
Sliding doors Repairs Experts

How to fix the track of a sliding door by applying the DIY techniques?

If constantly dirt and debris accumulates on the tracks of a sliding door, then the tracks need to be fixed and cleaned, to make the door work efficiently. You can use the DIY methods, like using a wire brush to clean the channel or the door track, and you can also use a screw driver to scoop out the dirt form across the channel. After this, you can apply paraffin or slight amounts of silicone spray to keep the tracks in order. This will also ensure the smooth functioning of the door. In case the track bends, or gets broken, or if it is misaligned, then it must be checked and repaired immediately. In case of misalignment of the tracks, the doors can be damaged and you have to buy a new door with ample amount of money.

You must look to the temperature and assemble some cleaning equipment’s before the sliding doors repairs starts. Get tools from the local hardware stores, and call the sliding doors repairs professionals who know the accurate ways of fixing the doors.

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