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Blocked Drains and Their Treatment with Professional Help

Drains are present everywhere especially when it comes to your home and are essential parts of the property to retain it’s health and hygiene. They are the exit points for water, any form of liquid or even waste away from the source to a receptacle or directly into the sewers for their expulsion. Sometimes the smooth working of the drains might get stopped due to garbage accumulation, strands of hair or tree roots that might block the flow of water into the drain channels. In that case, you only need professional help to clear the blocked drains.

The common kitchen block

Having blocked drains at home is an emergency situation where the water or the waste may be back flow from the kitchen sink, the wash-basin, the shower or even the commode. The home remedy methods may be effective only when the problem is partial, and only the professionals can handle the situation that will provide you with a lasting solution.

  • Kitchen sink blockages are the most common with the edible particles accumulating in the drain leading to the blocks, decomposition of the particles and foul smell.
  • There are some effective home remedy methods that you can try out like most people to get the clog decongested to get rid of the emergency situation like those of vinegar and baking soda.
Unblock Drain By Professional.jpg
Blocked Drain

Problems from ground drains

The professional plumbers are likely to have a better knowledge of the fittings in a particular area of the house and will be in a position to access the problem accurately in the least possible time.

  • There are the waste pipes and the connecting pipes that have to be inspected systematically to identify the exact location of the block.
  • A lot of times when the drains are running on the ground there may be the most unexpected problems like the growth of a root or entry of likely objects in the main line or even a branch line.
  • This may also lead to leaks occurring from the drains on the surface leading to the accumulation of the waste water in some part of the house that may be the source of the perpetual foul smell on the property.

Taking Professional Help

The professional plumbers that work on such blockage are now equipped with the latest gadgets and the technologically backed tools to handle the blocked drains more effectively than ever.

  • There is no longer the ripping apart of the property by digging and bursting the drains to identify the nature of the block or the exact spot where it has occurred.
  • Most rated plumbers make use of the camera fitted pipes that are inserted into the blocked area that reveals the exact nature of the block.
  • Detecting the blockage with drain camera and treating the drains with drain cleaning snakes, are two effective ways in which the problem of the blocked drain can be tackled.
  • Once the block is detected, especially for the municipal sewerage line cleaning, there is the use of the powerful jet cleaning machinery that the plumbers bring mounted on the truck so that there is a forceful cleaning in less time.
Blocked Drains Treatment.jpg
Blocked Drain Treatment

Responding to the situation

In most cases, the plumbers that carry out the work of the blocked drains on the private homes are likely to be trained plumber with the necessary certification and also the insurance coverage. Along with the right certification, the plumbers whom you contact must also have years of experience so that they can tackle the drain problems easily and can unclog the drains in an instance.

The problems of blocked drains are usually high during the rainy seasons and during such times, the responses time of the professional plumbers to attend such calls is likely to extend beyond the normal.

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